Rootcanal treatment in pune

Many of us face dental problems due to aging or failing to take necessary precautions for dental hygiene. Tooth decaying is a common dental problem faced by the age group of 40 and above. Root canal treatment or endodontic surgery is done to treat such decaying teeth.

Importance of root canal treatment

It is important to treat the decaying tooth as the infection spread completely into the mouth, causing you various dental problems and hygiene issues like bad breath, cavities, gum problems. In the worst scenario, the infection spreads through your mouth to the throat, lungs, and stomach, leading to other diseases. Most of the patients fear going for root canal treatment due to fear of pain and expense. But the treatment has become significantly painless and affordable due to the advancements in its surgical techniques and technologies. In fact, you can go back to your normal routine in no time after your root canal surgery in Pune.

Steps for root canal treatment:

Our teeth contain a nourishing pulp that is beneath the white enamel of our teeth. The pulp contains blood vessels, connecting tissue, and nerves. During root canal treatment, this pulp is cleared and replaced with temporary artificial fillings in the following steps.

Cleaning and prep work:
A local anesthetic is induced to numb the affected tooth. A rubber dam is placed to isolate the tooth from the rest of the teeth. The rubber dam retracts from the patient’s cheeks and keeps their tongue away to provide clear vision to the dentist. Next, the dentist drills a hole to the top surface of the affected tooth to remove dead pulp tissues using small files. The dentist might also put an antimicrobial solution that kills bacteria and prevents the tooth from getting affected any further.

Filling root canal:
Once the tooth is drilled out, it is filled with a biocompatible material, gutta-percha, and the canal is sealed completely with dental cement. Next, the nerve tissues of the tooth are removed, so the tooth is practically dead, eliminating the associated pain and infection along with it. Then, the cavity in your tooth is filled with a temporary filling until you get a crown.

● Fixing the crown:
The operated tooth will be fitted with a permanent crown to replace the void. Until the fitting of the crown is complete, the patient is asked to restrict himself from chewing and biting solid foods or objects. Once the crown is fixed, the patient can go back to their normal diet.

Maintaining a healthy diet and habits for oral hygiene is essential to protect teeth from decaying and causing infection. Ignoring oral hygiene leads to loss of teeth and bleeding. Doctors suggest a check-up minimum once a year. Regular check-ups and care lead to stay healthy and smile freely.

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