Flap Surgery

Flap Surgery

Untreated gum diseases are one of the major causes for loss of tooth among adults. Efficient and prompt diagnosis of these gum problems by our expert dentists paves way for timely treatment and thereby retards the progression of disease. We at Dev’s oral care, deploy many regenerative procedures to restore the healthiness of gums, and present an excellent chance for the patients to maintain good oral health.

What is flap surgery?

Flap surgery is a periodontal procedure in which the gums are separated and folded back from the associated teeth so as to enable our dental surgeon to reach the underlying bone and root of the tooth and carryout corrective actions. This is basically a procedure not aimed to provide a cure for the gum disease, but a treatment to create a better environment to maintain good oral health.

Why it is done?

Poor oral habits cause accumulation of plaque and tartar in the mouth, which in turn develops into gum diseases. This disease originates from gums and gradually spreads to the underlying bones and causes Inflammation in the tissues attached to the teeth. If left untreated, it leads to ‘Pocketing’, a phenomenon that describes the loss of tissue and accumulation of infected tissues in and around the inflammation area.

Our Dental in Camp does not prescribe flap surgery if the gum infection is in an early stage, as it can be rectified through non invasive procedures such as scaling and root planning. It is only when the disease has progressed to a moderate level, flap surgery is adopted. The core objectives of this process can be summarized as

  • Reduce or eliminate pockets.
  • Regeneration of tissues and their re-connection with teeth
  • Create aesthetic appearance of gums
  • Provide a better opportunity to maintain oral health

How it is carried out?

Flap surgery or pocket depth reduction is a periodontal procedure adopted by our expert dentists in our clinic to treat gum diseases and enhance the life expectancy of teeth. As a precautionary procedure, we always ensure your candidature by evaluating your health, oral hygiene, and the present medications you take for other ailments.

  • As a preparatory procedure, our periodontist would remove the accumulated plaques and tartar in and around the tooth through scaling procedure.
  • After applying local anesthesia, the gums are lifted to form a flap and thereby provide easy access to the damaged tissues and bones.
  • Along with the removal of damaged tissues that are lining the pockets, our dentist would also conduct scaling and root planning to clean tartar and plaque. If necessary, regeneration of lost bone and ligament would also be carried out.
  • Closure of healthy tissues and gums through sutures.

Having performed Dental flap surgery in Pune at our clinic, we know the best methodologies of treating your gum lines. We take perfect care of our patients through detailed instruction of do’s and don’ts, and follow-up procedures and achieve very good results.

Do contact us through an appointment schedule if you are facing any periodontal issues. Our tender care and state of the art facilities would ensure excellent oral hygiene through apt treatment at the right moment.

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