Complete Dentures ​
Treatment in Pune

Complete dentures _treatment in pune
Complete dentures _treatment in pune

Dentures, also popularly known as false teeth, are one of the widely used options to replace missing teeth. On the same line, dentures that are fabricated to replace the complete set of teeth in upper or lower or both jaws are known as complete dentures. The necessity for complete dentures is predominantly faced in geriatric dentistry due to the effect of untreated tooth decay and gum diseases for prolonged period of time.
Dev’s oral care is very much associated in providing quality geriatric dental treatment and as a part of our initiative, we take keen efforts to render those patients with following features:

  • Better mastication by transforming edentulous areas with prosthetic teeth
  • Enhance the aesthetic appearance of face as dentures can be created to resemble very close to that of real teeth
  • Ability to smile
  • Clear pronunciation of words
  • Augment self-confidence and esteem


Types Of Complete Dentures:

Based on the necessity and health conditions of the patient,  dentist in Pune at our clinic would recommend one of the following devices:

  • Fixed complete dentures: 
    Being an implant supported device, these dentures demand surgical procedure for their installation, and hence our dentists ensure the suitability of candidature before prescribing these types. As they are very much similar in performance with other types of implants, they render superior functionality and aesthetic appearance.

  • Removable complete dentures: 
    As the name suggest, these are removable devices with special arrangements such as flanges to give support to facial features and structures. Based on the necessity of patients and suitability of oral conditions, we present two types of removable complete dentures:

    • Conventional dentures: After removing the remaining set of teeth from the jaw lines, our dentists provide a healing period of two to three months before fitting them with the conventional dentures. During this healing period, the natural shrinkage along the bony ridge would have occurred and hence the conventional dentures could be exactly fabricated as per the dimensions measured after the shrinkage.

    • Immediate dentures: Based on urgent requirements, we also provide immediate dentures that are fitted right after the extraction of teeth. But to accommodate the shrinkage in jawline during the healing period, our expert dentists would routinely examine the patients and adjust the denture fixtures until it becomes completely fit.

We at Dev’s Oral Care make our patients understand the pros and cons of both the procedures and help them in making a perfect decision that is best suited for them. Again as an initiative to provide only the best to our patients, we offer complete dentures in two materials:

  1. Synthetic materials: Acrylic, fiberglass or lucitone made dentures to have the most visually pleasing smile on the patient’s face.
  2. Metal alloy: We recommend these dentures to our patients who are inclined towards more chewing strength and durability.

So, your wait for the best clinic to install complete denture in Pune is over and you can always contact us for the best treatment that you had ever hoped for.

About The Author

Dr kamal kiswani - best dentist in pune

Dr. Kamal Kiswani

General Dentist & Implantologist
BDS MSc: Oral Implantology (Germany), Fellow ICOI, Board certified Diplomate ICOI (USA )

Dr. Kamal Kiswani is a well-known name in the dentistry domain and the best dentist in Pune. He is a BDS Msc in Oral Implantology from Germany and has a Fellow ICOI (Board Certified Diplomate, USA). Since 2001, he has focused particularly on implant and restorative dentistry in his general dental practice. His area of expertise is implantology and cosmetic dentistry.

His specialities are Dental Implants, 3D Guided Implant Surgery, Digital Smile Design, Porcelain Veneers, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Bridges and Crowns, All-on-6 Implants, All-on-4 Implants, Aesthetic Gum Correction, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Dental Restorations, Digital Dentistry, Geriatric Dentistry, and Complete Dentures.

He does basic and complicated implantology treatments, such as bone augmentation, ridge splitting, and even sinus augmentation. He has rich 16 years of experience making him an eminent implantologist in Pune.

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