Root Canal
Treatment in Pune

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment or RCT is a procedure of endodontic dentistry that is offered to provide relief from the infection that has spread to the pulp tissues located in the middle of the tooth. During the treatment process, the diseased or damaged tooth pulp along with the infected tissues is removed by our dentists to retard the spread of infection and thereby limit its chance of recurring in the future.

In earlier days, extraction was widely suggested for a deeply penetrated tooth infection caused by tooth decay or injury. But with the advent of development in dental science and technologies, we extensively practice root canal treatment at our clinic to save natural teeth. When a patient visits our best dentist in Pune, with the following symptoms, we immediately opt for the periapical x-ray to analyze the problem in detail and confirm the diagnosis:

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  • Intense tooth pain on chewing
  • Heavy discolouration in teeth
  • Swelling of gums in the region of pain
  • Sustained pain or sensitivity to temperature, even after their complete intake.
  1. Am I a candidate?

    As our dentists always strive to have extraction only as of the last resort, we put our best of efforts to save the natural teeth. Hence we recommend our patients who have good bone support to undergo root canal treatment even if much of the pulp is damaged and has caused major destruction to the tooth.

    How do you know if you need a root canal?

    Not all types of tooth infections or complications need root canal treatment. However, if the infection is very severe, a root canal is essential.

    Here are the different signs that indicate you may need a root canal:

    • Severe pain in the teeth while chewing and when pressure is applied to the same

    • Your teeth are extremely sensitive to hot or cold food items

    • A minute pimple-like growth in your gums

    • Your tooth changes colour and becomes dark

    • Swelling of the gums that surround the infected tooth

    How RTC is performed?

    Having been reputed as the best dental surgeon in Pune, we always strive to achieve excellent results through best of technology and systematic conduct of the procedures.

    • Confirmatory diagnosis through periapical x-ray and other clinical examinations
    • Numbing of the area with the help of local anaesthesia
    • Opening of root canal
    • Removal of diseased and infected pulp tissues
    • Cleaning of root canals and their shaping
    • Filling and sealing of canals with gutta-percha, a rubbery material
    • Placement of crown at a later stage on the treated tooth.

    Post care procedures:

    We always advise our patients about the importance of post-care procedures and the necessity of meticulous adherence to our instructions so as to achieve quick relief from the pain and other side effects. After the effect of anaesthesia wears down, it is quite normal to experience mild pain and sore gum for a few days. Warm salt water rinses along with pain killers prescribed by us should alleviate the pain. Also, during the follow-up visit, we would place the apt natural tooth colored crown upon the treated tooth to render an aesthetic appearance.

    Is getting a root canal painful?

    After hearing the word root canal, a majority of the people associate the same with severe pain and discomfort. However, it is essential to understand that the pain is caused by the infection in the tooth and not by the root canal procedure. In fact, the root canal treatment is performed to get rid of the pain and treating the infection. 

    On the whole, the root canal surgery is painless as anaesthesia is used to numb the tooth and the surrounding areas. Although people are afraid of the root canal treatment, it is one of the most highly effective treatments to deal with an infected tooth. In addition, it is not at all painful.

    RCT at Dev’s Oral Care:

    As a part of an endeavour to offer painless and superior treatment, we place comfort and need-based treatments for our patients as the most priority agenda.

    • A root canal treatment is usually completed within an hour and if necessary, multiple sessions are conducted in a single sitting.
    • The expertise of our Endodontists is put into the best of use to render pain free treatment.
    • Root canal treatments at our clinic are performed using rubber dam techniques. If you have a tooth infection with or without pain, do contact us at the immediate possible opportunity, so that apt treatment can be provided to you by our expert doctors at the right time.

    How we save your tooth through RCT?

    At Dev’s Oral Care, we firmly believe in treating infection at the right time before it gets worse. In addition, we make sincere efforts to save natural teeth. Hence, we resort to extraction procedures only when the tooth is beyond repair or treatment. Furthermore, we adopt advanced practices and make use of the latest equipment to eliminate the infected pulp and clean the inner portion of the infected canal, before sealing the exposed regions with an ideal sealant material. Further, the sealed surface is protected with a suitable crown or other restoration techniques to ensure functionality and also prevent the tooth from deteriorating further.

    Is It safe? 

    The dental team at Dev’s Oral Care, Pune offer the best dental treatments and thus ensure the safety of all our patients for the different procedures. With the assistance of sterile ambience and technically advanced equipment, we offer RCT with the goal of saving the natural teeth. Although the root canal treatment is an established dental technique and does not have any significant side effects except for temporary pain, there are chances of the infection to resurface in some cases. As a part of our efforts to offer high-quality treatments, we ensure we adopt a strong preparatory and excellent treatment procedures to reduce the chance of re-infection.

    What will happen if you don’t get a root canal?

    A root canal treatment is essential to treat an infected tooth and prevent its extraction. In addition, a root canal procedure negates the risk of acquiring dental infections, bacterial infections, dental abscess, and several other dental complications.

    The consequences of not opting for a root canal treatment on time could be severe and in most cases lead to the extraction of a tooth. Furthermore, if the infected tooth is not treated, the infection is likely to spread to the other regions in the mouth, the jawbone, sinuses, and even the brain. Hence, it is important to not ignore or shy away from getting a root canal treatment due to the high costs or fear of pain.

Endodontist in Pune

Dev’s Oral care believes in providing precise and superior quality of treatment in all spheres of dentistry. As we strive to render the best of endodontic treatments, we never fail to resort to the most advanced technologies and techniques and save the natural teeth of our patients. These efforts are strongly rooted to our belief that other prosthetic devices may come close to matching to the natural one but can never be the same.

As a part of procedures pertaining to endodontic treatment in Pune at our clinic, we offer the following for the benefit of our patients:

  • Root canal treatment: Tooth pulp that resides beneath the layers of enamel and dentin has blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. When it gets affected during a tooth decay, we save the natural tooth with root canal treatment and award several benefits to our patients
    • Maintain the chewing ability with normal force
    • Eradicate the necessary of tooth replacement procedure
    • Safeguard other adjacent teeth
  • Endodontic retreatment: Even with best of efforts, on rare occasions a tooth may not heal properly after a root canal treatment due to several reasons such as
    • Improper treatment in narrow or curved canals
    • Delay in the placement of the crown
    • Salivary contamination.

    Under these circumstances, our Dental surgeon in Camp, Pune reopens the tooth and performs the treatment again.

  • Endodontic surgery: On very rare occasions, non-surgical RTC procedures may not solve the problem of infection and hence endodontic surgery may be necessary. Also, we perform endodontic surgery to remove calcium deposits in the canals.
  • Traumatic dental injuries: Any sort of traumatic dental injuries due to accidents or sports-related events are handled by our endodontists. Armed with advanced skill sets and latest technologies and techniques, we conduct a detailed examination of injury to detect damages such as root fractures and their effect on neighboring teeth caused by chipped or fractured teeth, dislodged teeth, or knocked out teeth.

If you are undergoing any discomfort with dental issues, it is always recommended to approach our dental clinic in Pune at the first available opportunity, as any problem can be treated easily at the initial stages.