A women having gap in her teeths

A wider teeth gap can make a person look unpleasant and steal away the confidence to smile. Typically, most patients who visit a dental clinic for orthodontic treatment in Pune want a solution for teeth gaps.

Perhaps, some people see resolving teeth gaps as a priority, whereas some may ignore dental gaps problems. Well, not resolving dental gaps may have certain negative effects on oral health as discussed below.

Disadvantages of Gaps In Teeth


Once, dental braces were considered the only solution to cover the teeth gaps; however, today, our best dentist in Pune offers other alternate solutions to dental gaps that are economical,  aesthetic, and convenient for the person.


4 Effective Ways To Fix The Dental Gaps Without Braces

People are often reluctant to use braces treatment for resolving dental gaps and ask for alternate orthodontic treatments in Pune. If you are one of them, here is a list of effective dental gap treatments that do not require bracing:


1. Dental Bonding

In dental bonding, the dentist uses resin material resembling teeth color in the teeth gap.  The resin material is inserted in the teeth gap and hardened with light rays. It is stain-free and is suitable for chipped or broken teeth. Initially, the dental bonding may be delicate. Hence, you must care for the dental bonding and obey the dentist’s instructions until it hardens completely.


2. Clear-Aligners

Clear aligners are better known as invisible braces and popularly used as dental gaps solutions. They bridge the dental gaps and easily camouflage to teeth color; hence it is difficult to detect the appliance. It is a bit costlier than traditional braces, but it is worth opting for clear aligners because it provides many benefits. 


3. Veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain chips bonded to the front of teeth. While bonding, a thin enamel layer is shaved off. They cover tooth gaps with any minor imperfection. After proper bonding, the porcelain becomes strong and functions like natural teeth. Veneers are economical and long-lasting solutions to address teeth gaps.


4. Dentures

Dentures are artificial teeth sets that fill dental gaps. The dentist may require to remove one or two teeth to fix dentures. Dentures are classified as partial, complete, removable, or fixed according to their features and clasping techniques.

The above treatment options are expert solutions to dental gaps. Still, you must visit the best dentist in Pune to know the best suitable solution for you. You can visit Dev’s Oral Care, where our dentists properly examine your dental condition to know their positioning in context to other teeth and jaw and recommend the best suitable solution for teeth gaps. For a cost-effective, long-lasting, and reliable solution, contact us.