Rootcanal treatment in pune

You may have heard or even experienced a root canal yourself at some point in life. Root canal has become a go-to treatment to save an infected tooth. Even today,most of our patients do not understand the intricacies involved in a root canal treatment in Pune.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

The root canal is a dental procedure wherein a biocompatible synthetic material replaces the center area of the tooth to save the natural tooth. Besides, this procedure is also performed to get rid of the pain caused by the infection.

Root Canal Procedure

When a tooth is infected, it is very important to treat it on time to avoid any other complications. This is exactly why your dentist in Pune would want you to opt for a treatment at the earliest, instead of delaying it.

These are the basic things you should expect from a root canal surgery in Pune-

Sedation – Your dentist will administer local anesthesia to ensure you do not feel any discomfort during the treatment.
Drilling – Do not worry! Although it may seem intimidating, there are special dental tools that we use here at Dev’s Oral Care to access the interiors of your tooth.
Cleaning – After drilling is complete, the tooth is cleaned thoroughly to get rid of the infection and bacteria. In addition, the pulp chamber wherein blood vessels and nerves are present is also taken out.
Filling – After your tooth is cleaned, the hole is sealed to keep bacteria at bay. In most cases, a dental filling is enough to prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth. However, a crown is placed over the tooth to ensure everything is held in place.

Dos and Don’ts After a Root Canal Treatment

A non-surgical root canal treatment is most likely to be smooth as you will be given local anesthesia. However, aftercare is also critical to ensure sustainable results.

● Please ensure that you brush at least twice a week every day. In addition, remember to be gentle while brushing especially over the area that has been treated
● Floss after every meal to prevent bacteria from sticking to your teeth
● Get in touch with your dentist in Pune if the filling or the crown comes out
● Follow the medication prescribed to you after your root canal treatment in Pune to ensure swift healing
● Visit your dentist at least twice a year to ensure there are no cavities and other dental problems


● Do not eat very hard foods after the root canal treatment
● Chew slowly and try to minimize the usage of the tooth that has just been treated
● Avoid brushing frivolously
● Do not miss your follow-up appointments with the dentist
● Do not try to open bottle caps with your teeth
The bottom line is that, yes, a root canal surgery in Pune involves a bit of drilling, but it is an end-to-end painless procedure. We use the latest RCT technology at Dev’s Oral Care to ensure that the treatment is comfortable and extremely pain-free for our patients. Schedule an appointment with us today to get your teeth checked!