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Losing the permanent teeth is one of the greatest fears in adults. Yet, people neglect the symptoms of tooth decay and cavities until the pain gets severe. In order to keep your natural teeth last longer, one must follow a strict oral hygiene routine. Every individual’s health concerns are different. Therefore, keep visiting the best dental clinic in Pune for a regular dental check-up so that the dentist can monitor initial level tooth cavities with some effective treatment options.

Root canal treatment is the most effective and highly-recommended dental treatment for patients who want to preserve their natural teeth and get rid of tooth decay and cavities. Tooth cavities or injuries can lead to teeth becoming inflamed and weak. The gums, roots, and pulp around the teeth start deteriorating over time. It leads to infection and severe health conditions, including heart disease and oral cancer.

Why Root Canal Is The Best Dental Treatment?

Root canal treatment is a procedure in which the damaged pulp tissue is removed, cleaned, and disinfected. The vacant space is filled with a root canal filling and sealed to prevent future infections or contamination. The patient witness an immediate relief from pain after the treatment, as the decayed and damaged tooth, has been cleaned and restored.

What are the steps involved in Root Canal Treatment?

When you visit our clinic for root canal treatment in Pune, an expert dentist will first examine the patient’s health condition and recommend a root canal cleansing process. After that, the dentist will make a small hole on the tooth surface to remove the decayed and damaged pulp tissues.

In the next step, the dentist will disinfect the hole using tiny files and irrigation solutions. A rubber-like material is filled inside the hole and sealed completely using adhesive cement. By this time, the patient’s tooth is dead. The dentist will remove the nerve tissues from the roots to eliminate the infection. However, at this stage, the patient’s operated tooth becomes vulnerable, so a crown or filling is placed on the tooth to protect it from any accidental trauma or injury.

The patient is advised not to chew, eat, and drink until the crowns are placed on the disinfected tooth.

Is Root Canal Treatment Worthy?

Patients suffering from an infected root canal, cracked teeth, a deep cavity, loose filling, or swollen ligaments are ideal candidates for root canal treatment. But sometimes the cases may vary. Therefore, it is wise to seek expert advice from a certified, professional, and expert dentist before signing up for any dental treatments or surgery.

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