Why is replacing lost teeth important

A gap between your teeth due to a missing tooth can put a lot on stake than an incomplete smile. Once in their life, every individual looks into the mirror and thought of revamping their smile appearance and getting rid of a missing tooth, decayed teeth, or stained and discoloured teeth. A missing tooth is not just a cosmetic issue. If left untreated, it can weaken the gum and roots of adjacent teeth, cause gum disease, and becomes a threat to other healthy teeth. 

The Consequences of Missing Tooth

The adulthood starts with a set of full 32 teeth, comprising incisors, canines, premolars, and molars. However, at the age of 40-65, many teeth fall out, as a sign of aging. But, many patients lose teeth due to accidental trauma, injury, periodontitis, or decayed tooth. A missing tooth can feel uncomfortable and, at times, embarrassing. But besides cosmetic concerns, tooth loss can also be harmful to your dental health. Here are a few consequences that may arise due to a missing tooth:

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Causes of Tooth loss 

Following are the reasons that may lead to a loss of a tooth:

Every Tooth Matters

All teeth are essential for a healthy smile appearance. A missing tooth creates a gap between the teeth, and the patient may find it difficult to chew food, speak properly, or smile confidently. Also, there can be severe consequences due to the gap formed between two teeth, such as:

What are my tooth replacement options?

By this time, you have an idea of why tooth replacement is essential. Visit our best dentist in Pune, and they will examine your oral health to determine the best-suited tooth replacement procedure. Some of the tooth replacement options are:

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