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It’s now or never, especially when it comes to your child’s orthodontic treatment. Parents often feel like it’s wise to consult an orthodontist once their child has grown all the permanent teeth. However, when it comes to your child’s teeth, earlier consultation is always wise. Let us find why?

A child can be benefitted in various ways by a teeth evaluation performed by an experienced orthodontist. Remember – not every early evaluation results in early orthodontist treatment. Your doctor will simply monitor the child’s teeth growing pattern and ensure they achieve a healthy smile with no future dental complications.

Any dental clinic in Pune will recommend an orthodontist for your children due to two main reasons:

1. In case the child suffers a wide disparity of tooth development at an early age, the orthodontist can help determine whether the child will need orthodontic treatment in Pune or not.

2. For dental complications such as overbite, crowding, underbite, and crossbite, early treatment proves to have better outcomes in the long run. It offers support to the child’s natural teeth growing process.

Note: Since a child’s jawbones are soft and pliable, any corrective procedure will work and heal faster compared to the same treatment performed during their teenage or adult period. In some instances, an oral condition left untreated during childhood may cause severe complications later in life.

Signs that indicate a child need to visit an orthodontist

Breathing from the mouth: Breathing from the mouth can be associated with muscular dysfunction in the child’s throat and face. Either the child’s upper or lower jaw has grown abnormally, which result in severe health complications. If left untreated, this condition may become a habit that your child may never get rid of even later in life.

Protruding teeth: Protruding teeth can be dangerous to children as they become more susceptible to causing fractures, chipping, and affect a child’s confidence. Also, your child, at times, may face severe biting problems. Orthodontic appliances such as headgear and braces can help correct this teeth condition at an early stage. Treatment for protruding teeth during adulthood can be an oral surgery which again brings risks, complications, and longer recovery time.

Thumb sucking even after the age of 5: It is typical for a child of age 2 to 4 to suck their thumb, but if this habit doesn’t go away on its own after age 5, your child’s teeth and jawbone may be changing shape differently. This condition cause challenges in speaking fluently and biting problems.

Underbite or overbite: When the upper teeth close inside the lower teeth, a child suffers overbite, crossbite, and underbite. To fix this problem, an orthodontist place a device called a palatal expander, which eventually widens the upper jaw. If you wait for too long, the same process may cause complications and can demand oral surgery for effective treatment.

Crowded, crooked, or misplaced and misshapen teeth formation: When the child’s jaw is too small, it faces difficulty in accumulating all the permanent teeth, which results in the crowding of teeth. A tooth extraction procedure or a palatal expander can be used to address this problem and help the permanent teeth erupt naturally. An adult can fix this problem using dental braces, but again, early treatment can save time, effort, and any future occurrence of dental complications.

Jaws and teeth not in proportion to the rest of the face

Early, late, or irregular loss of the baby tooth

Difficulty chewing or biting

Are you worried or having second thoughts about whether or not to visit an orthodontist for your child’s oral health? Visit Dev’s Oral Care Clinic, and our experts will guide you with more information on the child’s oral hygiene and effective ways to ensure they have a confident and healthy smile throughout their life.