Why do i suffer from tooth pain during winter

Winter brings along with it a lot of luxuries such as new boots, warm jackets, and cosy blankets. However, there are some significant winter precautions to be taken if you are suffering from winter tooth pain. Teeth are sensitive to frigid temperatures, which further makes it uncomfortable for patients to eat and drink anything too hot or cold.

What Causes Winter Tooth Pain?

Notably, tooth pain occurs due to tooth decay, irritated gums, worn-out enamels, or exposed cavity. At Devs Oral dental clinic in Pune, our experienced and accomplished doctors are well-versed in offering dental treatments that help you prevent the discomfort of eating and drinking when the temperature gets cold outside.

There are three primary reasons for winter tooth pain, which includes:

1) Tooth Sensitivity: It is one of the most common dental problems but is also the root of many complex dental conditions. Tooth sensitivity occurs when the tooth enamel wears out, or its dentin layers get exposed. The symptoms include throbbing pain while eating food and drinking hot or cold beverages, or while exposed to chilling weather.

Visit our dentist in Camp Pune if you have encountered the symptoms of tooth sensitivity. Our dental team will examine the root cause of sensitive teeth and rule out any rising complications, such as a decayed tooth, cavity, cracked tooth, and infection.

2) Cold Temperature

People love spending their vacations at high altitude amongst nature and cold weather. But did you know? Change in atmospheric pressure can cause tooth pain. If you suffer from tooth pain while exposed to cold weather, seek immediate medical attention as it indicates a damaged tooth or dental infection. Schedule your appointment with our expert team, and they shall rule out any signs and symptoms of bad dental health.

3) Dental Trauma

Winter sports are fun, but they also expose you to the risks of winter tooth pain. While enjoying the games and sports, ensure your teeth are safe and expose less to the cold weather. Consult your dentist to recommend some over-the-counter medicines and preventative tips to keep your teeth safe and glowing throughout the winter.

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