A doctor is pointing finger at teeth implants

Patients prefer tooth implants as a dental procedure as it provides a permanent and quality cure. In addition, the cost of dental implants in India is cheaper than that of foreign countries, and India provides quality dental treatments. People from all around the globe travel to India to get dental treatments like implants because of the low tooth implant cost in India.


Tooth decay is an ever-growing problem in today’s generation; anyone can lose teeth due to bad dental hygiene or genetic disorder. If this happens, any patient will have two options, i.e., dentures or teeth implants. Dentures provide a cheap and effective solution, but teeth implants provide quality and permanent solution to teeth loss.


The cost of dental implants in India is dependable on the following factors:


The first factor that affects the cost of implants is the brand and the quality of the implants; there are various qualities of implants, and then there are different varieties of implants. Therefore, patients need to consult their dentist for the kind of implants needed, and then they can decide the quality based on their budget.

With different qualities and different kinds of implants available, their treatment procedure is different as well. Hence, the procedure cost is different. It’s also affected by the type of crown you need treatment for. 

There are many complexities of this treatment, and it is advised to discuss them all with the dentist as they know what’s best for the patient.

Sometimes doctors feel that the jaw bone of a patient isn’t sufficient to withstand implants. 

 Hence they suggest a bone grafting procedure or a sinus lift. All the different procedures add to the cost of the final procedure of tooth implants.

As with every medical procedure, the cost of treatment is also dependent on the experience the dentist has in his field. Although a very simple procedure, dental implants require special skills. An experienced dental implant specialist takes relatively more fees, yet it is advisable to work with a specialist as they can ensure the best results and reduce the chances of implant failures.

Cost of Dental Implants in India:

The average teeth implants cost in India is around Rs. 25,000 for single teeth to around Rs. 80,000 for multiple teeth. As discussed, several factors contribute to the cost of the procedure. However, if we compare the price of dental implants in India with that of foreign countries, we will find that India has cheaper dental healthcare.

For comparison: 

The cost of dental implants in India is around 500$, in the USA same procedure costs around 3000$, in the UK this costs around 2500$ whereas in Australia around 2900$. This comparison alone is enough to conclude why foreigners prefer having dental procedures in India rather than their own country.

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