Root canal treatment in pune

Have you recently been advised to consider root canal treatment? Are you aware of this treatment and its benefits? If you plan to ignore the doctor’s advice and look for alternate home remedies, this blog is what you need to hear about root canal treatment.
Dentists in Camp Pune are here to help you understand the importance of root canal treatment and the right time to visit the doctor.

What is a root canal?

Root canal refers to a dental procedure that involves cleaning off the decay and restore healthy pulp and roots. Our dentist suggests Root canal treatment in Pune if the patients plan to preserve their natural teeth.

Treatment Overview

The entire root canal treatment is performed under four steps:

Step 1: The dentist will extract the bacteria from the decayed pulp, roots, and nerves.
Step 2: The dentist will disinfect the entire region with antibiotics
Step 3: The dentist will fill in the empty roots and preserve the natural teeth
Step 4: The dentist will seal the area to prevent future tooth decay

At Dev’s Oral Care, entire root canal treatment is performed under the expert supervision of a well-renowned endodontist and the dental team.

Note: Root canal treatment does preserve your natural tooth, but it also makes your teeth fragile. Therefore, dentists recommend covering the canal with a dental crown to extend its longevity.

When to Consider Root Canal Treatment?

The best way to know whether you are an ideal candidate for root canal treatment or not, we encourage you to visit the best dentist in Pune. At Dev’s Oral Care, we first offer counseling to our patients and determine the best treatment for their dental concerns.

Following are the symptoms of the root canal:

Persistent Pain

Tooth pain that always returns is one of the first signs of the root canal. The pain may indicate under-developed gum disease, cavity, damaged filling, or infected tooth. No matter the cause, it is always a good idea to visit your doctor for a routine check-up to rule out the possibilities.

Tooth Sensitivity

If you experience throbbing pain while eating or drinking something hot or cold, you may have developed tooth sensitivity. In case this pain lasts longer, doctors suggest root canal treatment to preserve the natural tooth.

Tooth Discoloration

Dental trauma, breakdown of the internal tissue, or an infection in the pulp is prime causes behind tooth discoloration. The infection disrupts adequate blood supply to the roots and gives the tooth a greyish-like appearance. At this stage, the doctor recommends root canal treatment.

Swollen Gums

Swelling often happens due to acidic buildup of waste products of dead pulps and tissues. The initial sign of swollen gums includes a little pimple on the gum, bad breath, and an unpleasant taste in the mouth.

At Dev’s Oral Care, we ensure our patients receive the best possible dental treatment under an accomplished team’s expert supervision. Therefore, we are always the go-to solution for most dental patients. To have a word with us on dental concerns and treatment suggestions, you can now book your appointment.