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If you are considering a root canal treatment in Pune, you have arrived at the right page! A root canal treatment is often associated with unbearable pain, a great amount of discomfort, and anxiety. However, with advancements in modern dentistry, root canal treatment has become more reliable and painless than ever before. Moreover, it is essential to understand that a root canal treatment does not cause pain; it is the infection or the tooth injury that leads to pain. In fact, a root canal treatment ensures that the infection is taken care of and the pain is eliminated at the earliest. 

At Dev’s Oral Care, we offer the most advanced Root Canal Treatment in Pune at economical prices. We ensure that the procedure is completely painless and our patients are at ease at the time of the procedure. A root canal treatment is largely performed when the blood supply or the nerve that connects the tooth is damaged or infected. 

In this blog, our experts have offered some valuable insights related to root canal treatment and what one should expect from the procedure. 

When Does One Require a Root Canal Treatment?

Before we dive into that, it is essential to understand the structure of the tooth which will provide a clear understanding of the root canal system. The tooth consists of a pulp chamber in which the pulp and the root canal of the tooth are present. The root canal is connected to nerves, tissues, and blood vessels and when these elements of the tooth are infected or damaged, it leads to pain. 

Tooth infection is a result of an array of factors including tooth decay, accidents, traumatic damage, repeated dental procedures. If you do not opt for a root canal treatment at the right time, the pulp of the tooth may die and lead to other complex gum diseases and more. Individuals who are experiencing a significant amount of pain and have swollen gums should visit a dentist and are most likely the ideal candidates for root canal treatment. 

What are the Different Stages of Root Canal Treatment?

At Dev’s Oral Care, a root canal treatment is performed by an experienced dentist in Pune. We perform a thorough diagnosis to assess the cause of pain.

Here are the different stages of root canal treatment.

Once these stages are complete, the tooth is shaped and a crown is placed over the tooth. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your mouth, schedule an appointment with Dev’s Oral Care today to know more!