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Toothache is one of the most common problems faced by every individual at some point in life. A Root Canal Treatment helps the patients preserve their natural teeth, gums, and tissue for a lifetime. Although the treatment is standard and effective for all age groups, many people fear that root canal treatment will bring pain and discomfort to their oral health. One reason for this growing misconception is the lack of knowledge. Therefore, the dentist in Pune has come up with all the necessary information related to root canal surgery.

What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

Your doctor will first examine your dental health to determine whether root canal treatment is a good option for your teeth. If yes, he will access the pulp beneath the teeth by drilling an access hole. Most dental experts use anaesthesia for this procedure so that the patient feels no pain throughout the process.

Once the dentist gets access to the pulp, he will remove the damaged and contaminated tissues. After cleansing it thoroughly, the entire chamber and canals are filled with a special filling to prevent future infection or damage. The access hole is then sealed to complete the procedure. Doctors recommend placing a permanent crown on top of the treated tooth to protect it from future damage and decay.

How to recover from a Root Canal Treatment?

Following are the tips to follow for a healthy and speedy recovery from root canal treatment:

Who can opt for root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is often recommended to patients with the following conditions:

How to prevent tooth decay and infection?

Root canal treatment is a painless procedure and one of the most-effective dental treatments to get a healthy and attractive smile. To learn more about Root canal treatment in Pune and other cosmetic dental treatments, you can book your appointment at Dev’s Oral Care Clinic.