Orthodontics in Pune

Orthodontic Treatment in Pune

If your teeth are crooked, jagged or not in a straight line, it affects the way your teeth look and function. In this case you need orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth. In orthodontic treatment, braces are used to apply gentle pressure on the teeth. It takes months or years for the teeth to come in the required position.

You can get this treatment at Dev’s Oral Care, from one of the leading orthodontists in Pune.



In children, during the process of gaining permanent teeth and loosing milk teeth, several types of malocclusions, jaw problems develop. As it is rightly said “Prevention is better than cure”, these can be prevented with timely orthodontic treatment. If you bring your child to an orthodontist early instead after all permanent teeth have erupted, you can ensure a beautiful jaw line for the child. With the treatment of mixed dentition (done when some milk teeth are still present and permanent teeth are just erupting) space maintainer, space regainer, holding arches, guided eruption of teeth and jaw correction treatments can be performed.



Even adults can improve their jaw line and gain a pretty smile to boost their confidence by taking orthodontic treatment. Young adults between the age of 25 to 30 can get ceramic braceslingual braces, and even invisible braces for themselves. The latest technology and innovative new materials can make orthodontic treatment more comfortable and effective.



In the 12 to 18 age group, crooked and protruded teeth is a huge problem. This is also the time when these adolescents are transitioning to adulthood. They need self confidence and support at this time. Our best orthodontics in MG Road, Pune at Dev’s Oral Care understand this psychology and offer a holistic solution to this dental problem. These teenagers can still avail of the jaw correction treatment and also braces treatment. Depending on the level of malocclusion, it is decided whether extraction, non extraction, expansion are required or not.

A smile is the most important accessory you can wear to enhance your personality. Orthodontic treatment at Dev’s Oral care can make your smile more attractive and pleasing.

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