When it comes to maintaining your oral health, many people are focused on removing cavities, bad breath, and regular brushing and flossing. However, our best dentist in Pune suggests many other habits you need to adapt to prevent oral health conditions such as oral cancers.

Things you need to know about Oral Cancer
Preventive dental care and keeping up with the necessary dental procedures are not just sufficient to secure your oral health. Many experts believe there are more factors responsible for affecting a patient with oral cancer. While certain behaviours and habits increase your chances of getting oral cancer, few demographics attribute towards patients developing risk factors. Some of these habits are:

● Tobacco Usage: Chewing tobacco, alcohol consumption, or smoking cigarettes is linked directly to oral cancer and various other health conditions.
● Family history of oral cancer: Various dental experts believe that family history plays a vital role when it comes to oral cancer. However, our dental clinic in Pune states that the exact correlation might differ from patient to patient and family to family.
● Ultra-Violet rays: The harmful rays of the sun cause skin cancer but are also responsible for oral cancer onset.
● Old age: Old age can switch off many specific DNA proteins responsible for automatic cleansing of mouth. Therefore, ageing might contribute to developing oral cancer in aged patients.

How to Prevent Oral Cancer?

The cosmetic dentist in Pune at Devs Oral Care has created some significant guidelines on how to prevent oral cancer:
• Brush and floss regularly twice a day
• No tobacco consumption
• Avoid heavy consumption of caffeinated products like coffee
• Wear sunscreen while heading out or avoid direct contact of your skin with the sun
• Say no to processed food
• Visit your dentist at least twice a year for routine checkups

Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Generally, there are the following signs of mouth and throat cancer:
• A sore mouth that doesn’t heal naturally
• Bleeding gums, if left untreated for a prolonged period
• Growing lumps in the mouth or neck
• Mouth pain that lasts more than a week
• Persistent ear pain in both the ears
• Numb chin and lower lip

If you have encountered one of the mentioned symptoms, visit Devs Oral Care for the best dental treatment and prevent your chances of developing oral cancer.