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People often think that a dentist can cater to all their dental problems, ranging from a cavity to treating deformities in their oral structure. However, a special branch of dentistry i.e. orthodontics provides the most suitable treatment for conditions such as malocclusion in which the teeth are misaligned resulting in an improper bite. Apart from improving oral function, orthodontic treatment also has a positive impact on the overall appearance of a person. Orthodontic treatment is carried out to address a range of problems including crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, improper speech, and more.

As one of the leading dental clinic in Pune, we aim to enlighten our readers on how orthodontic treatments can help them in the long run.

Orthodontic Treatments Address a Range of Problems

Advances in the dental field have paved the way for efficient, effective, and highly reliable orthodontic treatments. A well-trained orthodontist will evaluate your oral structure and suggest the most appropriate treatment. Orthodontic treatments aim to provide solutions for a host of problems such as treatment of an improper bite, protection to teeth susceptible to dental problems, enhancing the overall health of gums and teeth, and improving the chewing ability of individuals who are experiencing problems while chewing.

Further, orthodontic treatments play a key role in enhancing the appearance of your teeth. Apart from these benefits, treatments could lead to improved speech function and in a few cases, protect teeth from decay.

An orthodontist utilizes a broad range of removable and fixed orthodontic devices to achieve the desired outcome. Fixed appliances including braces are the most common fixed devices used in orthodontics whereas retainers, aligners, lip and cheek bumpers are some of the most common removable devices.

Who is the right candidate for orthodontic treatment?

Individuals with misaligned teeth are ideal candidates for orthodontic treatment. It is advisable to visit an orthodontist at the initial stage of your life to avoid complications in the later stages of life. Although malocclusion does not affect your physical health, it could influence the structure of your face and hinder your smile. An orthodontic treatment caters to all the problems related to the structure of your teeth such as crowding, protruding teeth, impacted teeth, and asymmetrical teeth among others.

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