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Endodontic Treatment


Dev’s Oral care believes in providing precise and superior quality of treatment in all spheres of dentistry. As we strive to render the best of endodontic treatments, we never fail to resort to the most advanced technologies and techniques and save the natural teeth of our patients. These efforts are strongly rooted to our belief that other prosthetic devices may come close to matching to the natural one but can never be the same.

As a part of procedures pertaining to endodontic treatment in Pune at our clinic, we offer the following for the benefit of our patients:

  • Root canal treatment: Tooth pulp that resides beneath the layers of enamel and dentin has blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves. When it gets affected during a tooth decay, we save the natural tooth with root canal treatment and award several benefits to our patients
    • Maintain the chewing ability with normal force
    • Eradicate the necessary of tooth replacement procedure
    • Safeguard other adjacent teeth

  • Endodontic retreatment: Even with best of efforts, on rare occasions a tooth may not heal properly after a root canal treatment due to several reasons such as
    • Improper treatment in narrow or curved canals
    • Delay in the placement of the crown
    • Salivary contamination.

    Under these circumstances, our Dentists reopens the tooth and performs the treatment again.

  • Endodontic surgery: On very rare occasions, non-surgical RTC procedures may not solve the problem of infection and hence endodontic surgery may be necessary. Also, we perform endodontic surgery to remove calcium deposits in the canals.

  • Traumatic dental injuries: Any sort of traumatic dental injuries due to accidents or sports-related events are handled by our endodontists. Armed with advanced skill sets and latest technologies and techniques, we conduct a detailed examination of injury to detect damages such as root fractures and their effect on neighboring teeth caused by chipped or fractured teeth, dislodged teeth, or knocked out teeth.

If you are undergoing any discomfort with dental issues, it is always recommended to approach our clinic at the first available opportunity, as any problem can be treated easily at the initial stages.