Do dental implants really serve the purpose of a natural tooth

When an individual loses teeth, they start looking for a solution that feels in the gap between their teeth and improves their smile. Luckily, dental implants have proven to be the most-effective and desirable dental treatment among patients with missing teeth. Also, the treatment cost is longer confined to celebrities. Anyone can get “Hollywood Smile” with dental implants in Pune.

Did you know? Dental implants have many health benefits, too, other than offering a brilliant smile. Let us find out some more interesting benefits of dental implants.

How are dental implants beneficial for my overall health?

The dental implants are custom-made to benefit an individual’s overall health. For example, the dental implants fill in the missing tooth gap and restore your biting and chewing force. Other benefits include:

Functionality: Dental implants were invented as a permanent solution for people’s missing tooth/teeth. In contrast, the dentures were invented as a remove-and-replace device for easy cleaning. Dental implants function like your natural teeth. The titanium screw is implanted inside the jawbone to extend its durability for a lifetime.

Prevent Bone Loss: Loss of teeth leads to loss of bone density. Dental implants are one reliable tooth replacement option that also stimulates your jawbone to prevent bone loss.

Restores Bite Force: The dental implants are anchored on top of the jaw with a titanium post for efficient support (the replacement of your tooth root). Thus, the roots become more vital as natural and stimulate your biting force without causing pain to the gums and teeth.

Cavity-proof: The dental implants are made of titanium alloy, which means they cannot get affected by bacteria and germs, unlike other tooth replacement options where extra care is crucial for long-term benefits. A dental implant means no cavities for a lifetime!

Low Maintenance: Dental implants don’t require any additional tools such as adhesives, cleaning tablets, or customized flosser. You can simply brush and floss your teeth twice daily to keep your mouth fresh and hygienic all day long.

A Perfect Smile: The missing tooth/teeth disrupt our entire personality. Laughing or talking in public becomes a source of embarrassment. In no time, it starts affecting your career opportunities and social relationships. Dental implants help you reclaim your confidence and self-esteem. Nevertheless, you don’t have to choose dental implants to please society, but to feel good about your appearance and overall personality.

A Permanent Solution: Other tooth replacement options require professional cleaning, replacing, and repairing periodically. However, dental implants require no such additional care in the long run.

Prevent Gum Disease: A missing tooth leaves an empty socket that gets exposed to germs and bacteria, causing dental conditions such as gum disease, gingivitis, and bad breath. A dental implant seals the open sockets and prevents severe dental conditions for a lifetime.

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