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Our adult teeth are supposed to last a lifetime. But, life has a funny way to interrupt the plans we made and leave us to find a viable solution to fix the damage. A missing tooth not just disrupts your entire visual appearance, but also affects your eating habits, speaking, and dental hygiene. When you visit a dental hospital, the doctors will put forward two options for fixing the missing tooth – Dental Bridges and Dental Implants.

Now, you might be confused which treatment can best serve your needs and can be easy on maintenance. Dev’s Oral Care Clinic in Pune will suggest dental implant. Why? Read further to know the difference between dental bridges and dental implants. In the end, you can choose for yourself whether or not to consider dental implants in Pune.

What are Dental Implants?

Currently, dental implants are the best long-term solution for tooth replacement. The implants are nothing but artificial roots placed in your mouth to support the dentures, bridges, or a crown. The dental implants are made of titanium metals to fuse with your jawbone and function as a new root for your missing tooth.

Why are Dental Implants the best for dental hygiene?

Tooth loss leads to bone loss. The bone inside your jaws is supposed to support your teeth. When you lose a tooth, the bone supporting that tooth lose its purpose too, and starts degenerating slowly. Losing the bone can affect the surrounding teeth. Over time, the degenerating bone leads to potential structural jaw problems such as aged and sunken facial appearance.

A dental implant fill in the gap of your missing tooth and the degenerating bone starts serving its purpose, again. Thus, it gives your face uplift and a fuller smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are a temporary solution to replace a missing tooth and come with a lifespan of only 7 to 10 years. It needs to be continuously renewed to maintain good oral hygiene. Dental bridges are nothing but a frame attached to two crowns and an artificial tooth or teeth. The crowns are placed on the area surrounding the missing tooth or teeth to prevent adjacent teeth from moving.

Is Dental Crown A Good Choice? Know Your Option

Dental crowns can be a good option for short-term relief. Here are a few pros and cons of choosing dental crowns to know better:

We, at Dev’s Oral Care clinic in Pune, make sure our patients receive the highest degree of dental treatment with proper knowledge. We educate the patients with unbiased opinions to help them choose better long-term good oral health. To learn more on tooth replacement treatment options and cosmetic dentistry, visit our clinic or make an appointment.