Cavities are often associated with children, but senior citizens are equally affected by it. Tooth loss, heavy medication, and ill-fitted dentures are just a few names that affect many seniors. A good understanding of causes, treatment, and right care can help you get a better idea of how to address the situation and overall oral health.

Oral Health Problems in seniors

1) Dry Mouth: Medically known as Xerostomia, dry mouth occurs in senior citizens due to heavy medicine intake. As per the records, around 90% of people over the age of 50-65 are on some medication. This medicine consumption dries out the saliva inside the mouth and causes bad breath, tooth decay, and slower food breakdown.
Infections, hormonal changes, allergies, and blocked nasal passages are also some factors affecting the dry mouth.


2) Bad Breath
Bad breath never occurs on its own. There is always an underlying cause which needs your immediate attention. Dry mouth, poor dental hygiene, and periodontal disease can be some of the reason behind bad breath. Make sure to visit our dental clinic in Pune twice a year. Brush and floss daily to maintain vigilant oral hygiene.
If you have dentures, clean them like you clean your real teeth. Unclean dentures can build up plaque and also damage its quality.


3) Tooth Loss
It is one of the most common concerns in seniors. Visit your dental expert regularly to minimize the chances of tooth loss. The advanced medical science has numerous options available on behalf of tooth lose such as dental implants and dentures. Discuss your options and choose an appropriate solution that comforts you while eating, talking, and smiling.


4) Gum Disease:
Gum disease takes years to develop and hence senior citizens are affected more compared to the younger people. Visit our expert dentist for gum treatment in Pune as soon as you encounter gum disease before it takes the form of gingivitis and Periodontist. The best way to prevent gum disease is by taking good care of your teeth. Brush and floss your teeth twice daily.


5) Cavities:
Consuming sugary food items can result in cavities. Over time, it becomes more natural to develop cavities, and therefore, seniors are affected easily. You can prevent cavities by limiting sugary food items, drinks, and caffeinated products.


6) Tooth Discoloration:
While proper dental care can easily eliminate the risk of tooth discoloration, some discoloration might become inevitable. If you are not pleased with your teeth appearance and smile, walk into our clinic for the best cosmetic dentistry in Pune. We make sure our patients receive a brilliant and confident smile limitless of their age.


As you start aging, it is important you take note on the following tooth concerns to prevent future oral health issues. Old age might increase the risk of health concerns, but you can still enjoy having a bright, confident, and pleasing smile. Get the right care at Devs Oral clinic with the help of expert accomplished doctors.