Are dental implants safe for everyone 2

When we first hear of dental implants, the first thing that comes to our mind is a titanium device inserted inside the mouth. It may sound unhealthy, but only because you aren’t aware of what dental implants are and how safe are they?

In this blog, we will try to give you as much information as possible about dental implants and whether they are a standard choice for good oral hygiene. Let us start with –

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are known as a substitute for your missing tooth/teeth. A dentist will place the implants on the bone of your missing teeth, and it will mimic the looks and functionality of the natural teeth/tooth. A part of the dental implant, the biocompatible titanium screw, is placed inside the jawbone; the tooth-like crown is placed on top of the missing tooth only when the titanium screw gets integrated above the patient’s jawbone. Now, the question arises whether the material used for creating dental implants is safe for the patient’s oral hygiene?

Are dental implants safe for my dental hygiene?

In simple words, yes, it is a healthy choice. Over the decades, dental implants have been an excellent solution to reclaim a missing tooth for a complete smile. The titanium screw used for the implant procedure is also applied in joint replacement surgeries for significant results due to its biocompatibility, which means the bones, grow perfectly around the well-installed implant, and the screw strengthens it to function like your natural tooth/teeth.

Diabetes and dental implants

Diabetic patients often worry about whether dental implant procedures are safe for their health. A dental consultation with our dentist in Camp, Pune is advisable to the patients. Our dental experts will first examine your health condition and run a few tests to determine whether the patient is ideal for the dental implant procedure.

Although the implant procedure is not dangerous for patients diagnosed with diabetes, the high blood sugar levels may cause a few complications during the healing/recovery period. The increased blood sugar levels interfere with the healing procedure and disrupt the titanium screw’s integration above the jawbone.

Conclusion: Dental implant procedure is safe for all patients but makes sure you consult a board-certified oral surgeon before taking the treatment decision.

How safe is the dental implant procedure?

Losing a tooth can be painful and embarrassing, as well. It disrupts your entire personality and creates trouble while speaking, chewing, or biting your favourite food. Above all, the gap formed between can cause severe dental conditions and weaken the muscles around the healthy teeth. It means one fallen tooth can become a threat to the other healthy teeth if left untreated.

The safety and success rate of dental implants depends on various factors such as the patient’s health condition, doctor’s experience, aftercare, and follow-up dental appointments. During the recovery period, make sure you follow the instructions given by your dental expert for a speedy recovery. In case of any discomfort, pain, swelling, or bleeding gums, immediately consult your dentist to assist your case as an emergency.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are a lot of benefits associated with dental implants. A few of the benefits are listed below:

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