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There are many reasons why your tot faces multiple dental problems at the tender age of five to six. Many reasons such as poor nutrition, bad dental hygiene, and poor habits compile to give them a bad start. But there are a few things you can do to check the poor dental score of your child right when your child is in the pram.

Take a look at the elaborate plan suggesting the right things you must do for them.

Book the first dental appointment for your infant within the first few months of his/her birth

Parents should book the first dental appointment of their baby in the 6-8 months duration of their birth. An early visit to a dental clinic in Pune will help the dentist figure out the dental problems, if any. The parents must ask for tips to maintain tots’ dental hygiene when teeth have not erupted. The dentist probably advises gum wipes. 

Also, the parents must book regular dental visits so that the dentist may supervise the baby’s proper development of jaws and dentition. 

Shortlist Things To Do

The dentist in Pune not only provides in-clinic advice but also helps parents with extremely useful tips that are productive for their kids in long term. They guide over the right nutrition, habit inculcation, supervision techniques and enlighten upon few other bad habits that must be prohibited. The initial few years of a child are very important because that is the development phase, and minor dental problems can be checked and reprimanded at a very early age.

Give the right Nutrition

Nutrition is key to good health. Health is an umbrella term for overall health. When factored into small components, dental health is one of the major subheads of overall health. Parents must pay special attention to the food of their kids according to their age bracket. Once the baby starts eating semisolid food, the child should be given a well-balanced diet, including


A Comprehensive Oral Care Regime in Age Blocks

Supervision of your child at a tender age can help check dental problems and implant good hygienic practices. Few things that must be checked in particular age brackets are as follows:

0-6 Months

In the first few months, the babies should be taken care of


6-18 months

This is the age when teeth start erupting and food changes. This is also the time when your baby acquires senses and starts developing good habits. The parents should be vigilant in inculcation the right habits in their babies. There are certain things that must be taken care of :

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