Devs oral care blog 17 01 20

In the fast-paced lives, we are leading, a reality check from time to time is essential. A reality check that reminds us of how stressful our lives are and the impact it has on our physical and mental health. While there is a considerable amount of awareness about the negative impact of stress on our mental health, little do we know that stress can also affect your oral health. Multiple studies have revealed that there is a strong link between stress and oral health. Further, the studies have also indicated that stress could eventually lead to an array of oral health problems. 

In this blog, our team of some of the best dental surgeons and experts have offered insights regarding stress and its impact on oral health. 

Let’s understand the various oral health problems that stress could potentially bring along with it. 

It is a common sight to see people bite their nails when they are in high-stress situations. However, persistent biting of the nails could lead to negative consequences and affect your oral health. There is a high chance of germs entering your mouth while you bite your nails which could lead to oral infections. 

If you experience the frequent occurrence of ulcers, there is a strong chance it was either caused by Vitamin B deficiency or by a high degree of stress. Other potential causes of these painful ulcers include high sensitivity to sodium lauryl sulfate and allergic reactions in the mouth. 

Studies have revealed that stress could also lead to burning mouth syndrome – a disease wherein the gums and teeth are damaged. 

Clenching or grinding your teeth against each other can lead to catastrophic outcomes including chronic jaw pain, irregular sleep, lose teeth, and headache. Thus, it is essential to refrain from grinding your teeth during stressful situations. 

Owing to long-term stress, your body’s capability of fending off infections is compromised which in turn leads to infections that lead to bad breath, bleeding gums, and decayed teeth. Further, it is important to understand that these infections hinder the body’s immune system and also enables the unwanted bacteria to spread across to the other parts of the body. Visit a dental clinic in Pune if your gums are swollen or inflamed. 

Stress could lead to temporomandibular joint syndrome leading to swelling, pain, stiffness, and popping within the lower part of the jaw. This act of clenching, grinding, and excessive use of the jaw can damage your teeth in the long run.

These are some of the problems linked to stress and oral health. Thus, it is critical to ensure you deal with stress efficiently to avoid mental as well as dental problems. As one of the leading Dental clinic in Pune, our team strives to offer the most advanced dental treatments to our patients. If you are concerned about your dental health, schedule an appointment with us today!