5 crucial reasons why you need to replace your missing teeth 1

Although a lot of people deem a missing tooth as a cosmetic problem, there is more to it. A missing tooth brings with it, a range of dental problems if not replaced at the right time. Thus, a gap exists in your mouth; it is vital to replace the same.

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Here, we will discuss why it is essential to replace missing teeth.

1. Over eruption of opposing teeth

Teeth are in contact with the teeth above or below them. However, the alignment of the teeth is disturbed when a tooth or multiple teeth are missing. It is crucial to replace the missing tooth at the right time to ensure that the opposite teeth do not become loose. Further, apart from loose teeth, a missing tooth can lead to decay and other dental problems.

2. Prevent shifting of teeth

As mentioned before, missing teeth leaves a notable gap in your mouth. Thus, it could potentially change the pressure your other teeth feel while chewing food and cause it to shift its position. Further, in some cases, the existing teeth may start tilting towards the direction of the gap.

3. Prevent gum diseases

When a tooth or multiple teeth are missing, there are sensitive areas in the mouth that are hard to brush or floss. Further, plaque starts to accumulate in areas of the mouth, which are hard-to-access, leading to poor oral hygiene and high chances of gum diseases.

4. Bone loss

It is vital to understand each tooth in the mouth is responsible for preventing erosion of the jawbone. Further, a missing tooth could lead to bone loss or shrinking of the jaw bone. Moreover, the teeth tend to become more susceptible to deterioration when a tooth is missing.

5. Restore your confidence

Apart from fixing your dental problems, restoring missing tooth can significantly boost your confidence. We understand that a missing tooth hinders you from smiling as you are less confident about it and at risk exposing the gap in your mouth. However, a tooth restoration treatment can solve both problems; confidence and dental problems.

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