Dental implants in pune

Some years ago, dental implants were greatly feared. People believed that once their permanent teeth withered after a certain age or if they lost a tooth, living with the gaps was their only option. However, with the advancement of dental technology and growing awareness among people, implants are widely being accepted as an essential dental treatment. It has emerged as a boon to those who want to eat what they want and smile with confidence.

Implant surgery is a straightforward treatment and has gained popularity because it’s a permanent solution compared to the other treatment options. The titanium material used for designing implants provides longevity with low maintenance. Once fixed in the jawbone, the titanium metal fuses with the surrounding cells and becomes a part of it.

The only odd against the implant is the fear of surgery. The word surgery is perceived so excruciating that one who plans to the implant may opt-out later. But, it is imperative to understand the long-term benefits over minimal pain offered by implants is much more beneficial than the potential disorders caused by dental gaps and broken teeth.

Our Dental Clinic in Pune explains the following three crucial reasons why you should not fear modern dental implant treatments.

  1. The surgery is well-planned beforehand– Though it is a surgery, it is a minimally invasive one. The surgery, when performed by a trained dentist, is performed in a few hours as an outpatient procedure. The placement, size, and design of your implants are mapped days before the surgery. Plus, in a few complicated cases, the dentist may ask for a CT scan and X-ray imaging for obtaining the precise location of your implant to mitigate any ambiguity.
  2. The surgery uses local anaesthesia– Pain is the primary reason why people avoid implants. But with modern implant techniques, the procedural pain is significantly reduced with appropriate sedatives. For alleviating the pain, local anaesthesia is induced to a confined implant location of the jaw to numb the region before the incisions are made. In the case of anxiety issues, the dentist also provides anti-anxiety medication.
  3. There is minor post-surgical pain – Advanced preparation and proper mapping of the procedure limits the incisions to be made and reduces the damage to the surrounding tissues and even the incised tissues. The incised tissues are stitched with self-absorbing stitches, so the stitch disappear as the wound heals.

Except for a few cases that require strong pain relievers, mostly mild non-steroidial anti-inflammatory relievers are sufficient for ailing pain during the recovery period.

Dental implants in Pune are very common, and at Devs Oral Care, we ensure that our patients are pleased with their experience. We have a responsible team who strives to provide you with the best dental treatments. For more information on implant surgery, reach out to our dental experts.