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Call it a modern trend or another technological advancement in the field of dentistry, but dental implants have become a standard treatment these days. From replacing a single lost tooth to fixing edentulism, every dentist now recommends dental implants for people of all ages. However, some of us aren’t well aware of this state-of-the-art treatment and may doubt its credibility.
So here are 12 quick facts about dental implants to give an overview of this treatment and help you judge its credibility;
Natural Strength:

● Dental implants are as strong as real teeth and provide the same force while chewing or biting.
● This is because they are made of a biocompatible element called titanium which gradually blends up with the jawbone becoming a part of the jaw.

Anti-Cavity Nature:

● These dental implants are anti-cavity in nature as the material used to manufacture them doesn’t decay like natural teeth.
● This is a huge upside as they won’t require any additional maintenance or replacement in the future.

Preserve jawbone:

● They preserve the jawbone from being exposed to outer fluids and elements which made degrade or infect it.
● As the implants blend with the jawbone, they also help it regenerate and strength its hold.

Key to Cosmetics:

● They play a massive role in cosmetic dentistry and are the critical element for smile makeovers.

Minimal Contraindication:

● As this treatment evolved, the chances of any contraindications vanished simultaneously.
● Today, there are next to no contraindications of having dental implants.


● Due to their anti-cavity nature and biocompatibility, dental implants are known to last for almost an entire lifetime.

Quick Restoration:

● This treatment requires the shortest time for operating and healing.
● This is why it is quite popular among dentists and their clients as it saves a lot of their time.

Decreased Costs:

● The manufacturing elements and its process has developed significantly, making it one of the most advanced and yet cheapest treatments in modern dentistry.

Higher Predictability:

● A lot of people fear surgeries, considering how unpredictable they are.
● But dental implantation procedures can be predicted, and the implants can be custom designed as necessary.

Success rate:

● The success rate of this procedure is as high as 97.5% for the past 6 to 7 years. It has become one of the safest dental treatments today.

Improving Overall Health:

● We think that tooth problems can only give rise to other oral problems which is a false idea. Dental issues are known to cause other severe problems in our entire body.
● Dental implants efficiently prevent this.

One Precaution:

● Even though the implant treatment itself is safe, there is a prudent test that is suggested to be taken for people who are smokers, heart patients, diabetic, or who have undergone cancer treatment.
● This is to analyze if the implant treatment would cause any indirect harm to the patient.

Knowing these facts, you can feel free to undergo a dental implant in Pune by finding the best dentist in Pune or anywhere around you.
And if you’re worried about the dental implants in Pune, you should know that they are easily affordable for everyone today and widely available everywhere.

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