11 must know facts about dental implants 2

As they say, a smile is a prettiest thing to wear. And dental implants are one of the finest ways to give your smile. While enabling you to restore your teeth, a dental implant supports your facial prothesis and acts as an orthodontic anchor. In simpler words, dental implant is a surgical component that replaces the damaged and missing teeth with the customised ones. All you need to find is a good dental clinic in Pune and the doctors will take care of the rest.

However, you should be familiar with some important dental implant facts, have a look:

Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

When we lose a tooth, the bone mass in our jaw is also consequentially lost. This hampers the jawbone’s stimulation, in turn, affecting the mass and connection of the teeth. Dental implants are superlative substitutes for fixing a jawbone stimulation.

No Higher Risk Involved Is in Dental Implants

The success rate of dental implant surgeries is 95 percent and involves less complications, in compare to other procedures. However, slight discomfort like face swelling, pain and bruising might be witnessed during the procedure, but is temporary.

Dental Implants perform better than the Natural Teeth

Apart form looking alike, dental implants top the game of functionality too. They not only reinforce the entire dental structure, but also can be used to add dentures, porcelain crowns, and dental bridges. Moreover, these artificial teeth do not experience any cavity like the natural ones.

No complicated measures to be taken after the surgery

Dental Implant aftercare is an easy-going process. You have to make sure that the area is cleaned properly by rinsing with saltwater several times a day. Keep a check on the types of foods you have as intake of extremely cold or hot substances can induce gum sensitivity.

Dental Implant is common

A significant portion of the population undergoes dental implants to revive their biting abilities and visual appeal. Especially, people in the age-group of 35-80 are observed to prefer dental implants in place of their lost tooth.

Dental Implants strengthen the dental structure

Dental implants are, usually, conferred to be the same as porcelain crowns. However, these artificial teeth are screw-shaped hardware inserted in the jawbone bonds naturally to enhance the strength of the entire dental structure.

A consultation session is necessary before going a dental implant surgery

Before undergoing Dental implants in Pune, a comprehensive examination is required which includes imaging to understand a detailed look at the patient’s teeth and jaw. In most cases, it is advised not to eat or drink anything prior to your surgery appointment.

Dental implants require care and precautions

Dental Implant surgery is an inclusive solution for replacing a missing tooth and strengthening the dental structure. But it still requires proper care and protecting the gums bordering the dental implant.

Dental implants provide comfort in activities

Apart from elevating your facial structure aesthetically, these dental implants also enhance your speech and comfort. The implants do not let the dentures to slip and hence allowing you to talk and bite without any obstacle.

It takes time to restore your teeth properly

Before undergoing through the teeth’s replacement procedure, the bone is allowed to grow around the implant. Meanwhile your dentist will prepare a customised crown as per the size, shape, and colour of your original tooth.

Bone grafting may be required (in some cases)

Bone grafting may look like a complex procedure, but it provides a base to the dental implant and also improves the success rates of the patient undergoing dental implants.

The aforementioned are some relevant information one should know before undergoing dental implant surgery. At Dev’s Oral Care, a smooth dental implant procedure is ensured by exceptionally proficient dental surgeons.

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