Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom tooth can be painful. Without sufficient room for the tooth to erupt into the arch normally, removal or extraction remains the only viable option. Some people do not visit the dentist until it starts interfering with their regular activity however it should be borne in mind that extraction of the tooth gets even more complicated with passing age.

An oral or maxillofacial surgeon or the dentist has got the expertise with extraction of wisdom teeth. It’s an outpatient procedure performed at the dentist office under local anesthesia. Dev’s Oral Care in Pune runs under the professional supervision of Dr. Resham Kiswani & Dr Kamal Kiswani is the best dental implant clinic in Pune who makes the patient undergoes the necessary screening process before going ahead with any surgery unless of course it’s an immediate requirement.

Infection of any type delays surgical procedure & healed with antibiotics before further treatment plan is chalked out. Oral infection occurs as a result of long term negligence of dental care. Wisdom tooth removal is best when the procedure takes place early in life as risk of infection is less. The impacted tooth runs the risk of tooth abscess, cyst formation & damage to adjacent teeth. The procedure is usually surgical in nature preceded by incision of tissue & extraction of underlying bone to reach out to the affected tooth & get it removed. The following swelling & sore mouth makes it a little difficult to eat or talk for next 3-5 days & a good healing requires adherence to guidelines laid down by the dentist.


Pain medication & diet of soft mashed food is prescribed by the dentist however your own immune system’s response decides the healing time needed. Guidelines to cleanse the area, control excessive bleeding is provided by the team of professionals present in the facility along with the dentist. They take into account your premedical history if any & advise you accordingly to enable a fast recovery. There’s no two ways about taking rest while recovering from any surgical procedure. Given your age & pre medical condition, if you get back to your daily routine prematurely, you might have to experience increased pain in the area of affected tooth. Persistent bleeding with clots is a warning sign to immediately contact the dentist. These are words of caution & occur only in rarest of rare cases with premedical condition otherwise there is nothing much to worry about extraction of wisdom tooth in late twenties or early thirties.


A common condition called dry socket occurs as a healing complication in 10-15% patients & takes place in lower jaw. It takes place suddenly after 3-5 days of surgery with an excruciating pain. A connect with the dentist is advised in this condition for additional medication. Sometimes the wisdom tooth might have roots near the main nerve to lower jaw & in 1-2% cases damage of the nerves can take place causing numbness of affected area. It’s advised to seek medical attention without delay.

Visit the best facility in Pune, Dev’s oral care & insure your family against any adversity arising out of wisdom tooth extraction complicacies.

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