A Complete Guide On How To Keep Your Teeth & Gums Healthy

Did you know? Around 6 billion bacteria live inside our mouths. These living organisms play a vital role in keeping our mouth healthy, functioning, and brightened smile. The bacteria are born, work together, feed, mate, and die eventually inside your mouth. However, the harmful bacteria are the ones you need to prevent from accumulating inside your mouth. Medically termed as streptococcus mutans, the bad bacteria weaken the gums and muscles, resulting in tooth decay and […]

Why Is It Important For a Child To Visit Orthodontist At An Early Age?

It’s now or never, especially when it comes to your child’s orthodontic treatment. Parents often feel like it’s wise to consult an orthodontist once their child has grown all the permanent teeth. However, when it comes to your child’s teeth, earlier consultation is always wise. Let us find why? A child can be benefitted in various ways by a teeth evaluation performed by an experienced orthodontist. Remember – not every early evaluation results in early […]

Dental Implant or Dental Crown – Know Your Options!

Our adult teeth are supposed to last a lifetime. But, life has a funny way to interrupt the plans we made and leave us to find a viable solution to fix the damage. A missing tooth not just disrupts your entire visual appearance, but also affects your eating habits, speaking, and dental hygiene. When you visit a dental hospital, the doctors will put forward two options for fixing the missing tooth – Dental Bridges and […]

5 Perks Of Regular Dental Checkups That Amplify Your Health And Joy For Lifetime

‘Visit Dentist’ is hardly a priority task on anyone’s weekly schedule. Moreover, it is often replaced with some other nonessential chores or leisure time. The fact that most of us still do not consider dental checkups to be at par with any other medical check-up is of great concern and everyone must be made aware of the long-term future benefits one can cherish simply by frequently visiting their dentist and attending regular dental checkups.  Once […]

How Can Orthodontic Treatment Help and Who are the Right Candidates

People often think that a dentist can cater to all their dental problems, ranging from a cavity to treating deformities in their oral structure. However, a special branch of dentistry i.e. orthodontics provides the most suitable treatment for conditions such as malocclusion in which the teeth are misaligned resulting in an improper bite. Apart from improving oral function, orthodontic treatment also has a positive impact on the overall appearance of a person. Orthodontic treatment is […]

Tooth Sensitivity – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

Have you recently sipped your coffee or ate a scoop of ice cream and felt a painful sensation in your teeth? If yes, you are exposed to teeth sensitivity. Pain caused due to hot and cold beverages is a sign of a tooth cavity and should be addressed with proper medical intervention. Devs Oral Clinic has the nation’s most excellent team of Dentist in Pune.  Tooth sensitivity or “dentin hypersensitivity” may be a chronic or […]

8 Tips for Promptly Recovering From Your Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants are a remarkable solution to a range of dental issues from replacing a single lost tooth to fixing edentulism. Which is probably why any dentist would confidently recommend them to solve any of your dental problems. During the implant surgery, a titanium dental root is carefully inserted into the jawbone and is used to support a synthetic crown, bridge or denture. This new implant appears, feels, and works like a natural tooth and […]