Factors that influence the success of Dental Implants

Dental Implants In Pune

While dental implants are an incredibly convenient option for tooth replacement, some people have queries regarding dental implants such as WIll it pain afterward? Will it look natural? What will be the durability of Implants? and so on. Dental implants have 90% of success rates, and most people are satisfied with their decisions to have dental implants. Though it requires low maintenance, it is imperative to understand some factors that influence dental implant success. Factors […]

Frequently “Not” Asked Questions About Dental Implants

You went for a dental check-up, and your doctor suggested a dental implant to replace the damaged or decayed tooth. Now you have many questions related to the treatment, procedures, cost, side-effects, and results. It’s wise to know about things that you will experience at some point in time. The more you understand how a dental implant works, the more prepared you can be for effective results. In this blog, we will try to answer […]

Why is Replacing Lost Teeth Important?

A gap between your teeth due to a missing tooth can put a lot on stake than an incomplete smile. Once in their life, every individual looks into the mirror and thought of revamping their smile appearance and getting rid of a missing tooth, decayed teeth, or stained and discoloured teeth. A missing tooth is not just a cosmetic issue. If left untreated, it can weaken the gum and roots of adjacent teeth, cause gum […]

12 Grossing Misleading Myths About Root Canal – Debunked!

Be it an assumption or a phobia, when baseless information travels through enough ears, it only takes that much time for it to become a baseless common belief. This baseless belief is a myth which potentially damages the integrity and trustworthiness of the subject it takes on. The modern medical treatments have been a major target of such myths which are spread due to lack of awareness and availability of information to debunk them. Here, […]

Root Canal Treatment – Not as Painful as You Think

If you are considering a root canal treatment in Pune, you have arrived at the right page! A root canal treatment is often associated with unbearable pain, a great amount of discomfort, and anxiety. However, with advancements in modern dentistry, root canal treatment has become more reliable and painless than ever before. Moreover, it is essential to understand that a root canal treatment does not cause pain; it is the infection or the tooth injury […]

5 Important Points About Dental Implants You Should Know About

As awareness regarding the advantages and long-term benefits of dental implants continues to grow, the demand for dental implants in Pune has increased at a considerable pace in the past few years. Advancements in the dental field have enabled the development of new tooth replacement procedures such as dental implants. Unlike conventional tooth replacement alternatives including such as dentures, dental implants have emerged as one of the most reliable and stable dental procedures to replace […]

5 Facts Of Dental Crowns Which You Need To Know Before Visiting A Dentist

If you have a chipped, cracked, decayed, or missing tooth in your jaw, your dentist will recommend you to get a dental crown for that tooth. In fact, all dentists prefer dental crowns over other traditional dentistry techniques as dental crowns are the best gift cosmetic dentistry has offered to us. However, before you start asking around for advice and side effects of dental crowning, there are some basic facts about this modern technique which […]