Factors that influence the success of Dental Implants

Dental Implants In Pune

While dental implants are an incredibly convenient option for tooth replacement, some people have queries regarding dental implants such as WIll it pain afterward? Will it look natural? What will be the durability of Implants? and so on. Dental implants have 90% of success rates, and most people are satisfied with their decisions to have dental implants. Though it requires low maintenance, it is imperative to understand some factors that influence dental implant success. Factors […]

Frequently “Not” Asked Questions About Dental Implants

You went for a dental check-up, and your doctor suggested a dental implant to replace the damaged or decayed tooth. Now you have many questions related to the treatment, procedures, cost, side-effects, and results. It’s wise to know about things that you will experience at some point in time. The more you understand how a dental implant works, the more prepared you can be for effective results. In this blog, we will try to answer […]

5 Incredible Benefits of Dental Implants You Never Knew

The latest advancements in dental technology can dramatically enhance one’s smile and oral health. All you need to know is which treatment can best cater to your smile preferences. One of the most brilliant advancements is dental implants. Missing teeth or a crooked smile can severely impact your confidence while talking, laughing, and also is the source of many dental conditions such as gum disease and bad breath. Dental implants replace the missing teeth and […]

12 Quick Facts Of Dental Implants Everyone Must Know

Call it a modern trend or another technological advancement in the field of dentistry, but dental implants have become a standard treatment these days. From replacing a single lost tooth to fixing edentulism, every dentist now recommends dental implants for people of all ages. However, some of us aren’t well aware of this state-of-the-art treatment and may doubt its credibility. So here are 12 quick facts about dental implants to give an overview of this […]