12 Grossing Misleading Myths About Root Canal – Debunked!

Be it an assumption or a phobia, when baseless information travels through enough ears, it only takes that much time for it to become a baseless common belief. This baseless belief is a myth which potentially damages the integrity and trustworthiness of the subject it takes on. The modern medical treatments have been a major target of such myths which are spread due to lack of awareness and availability of information to debunk them. Here, […]

5 Incredible Benefits of Dental Implants You Never Knew

The latest advancements in dental technology can dramatically enhance one’s smile and oral health. All you need to know is which treatment can best cater to your smile preferences. One of the most brilliant advancements is dental implants. Missing teeth or a crooked smile can severely impact your confidence while talking, laughing, and also is the source of many dental conditions such as gum disease and bad breath. Dental implants replace the missing teeth and […]

Root Canal Treatment – Not as Painful as You Think

If you are considering a root canal treatment in Pune, you have arrived at the right page! A root canal treatment is often associated with unbearable pain, a great amount of discomfort, and anxiety. However, with advancements in modern dentistry, root canal treatment has become more reliable and painless than ever before. Moreover, it is essential to understand that a root canal treatment does not cause pain; it is the infection or the tooth injury […]

How Can Orthodontic Treatment Help and Who are the Right Candidates

People often think that a dentist can cater to all their dental problems, ranging from a cavity to treating deformities in their oral structure. However, a special branch of dentistry i.e. orthodontics provides the most suitable treatment for conditions such as malocclusion in which the teeth are misaligned resulting in an improper bite. Apart from improving oral function, orthodontic treatment also has a positive impact on the overall appearance of a person. Orthodontic treatment is […]

6 Reasons Why Regular Dental Checkups Should Be On Your To-Do List

Everyone prefers to have a family doctor to rely on every time they need to discuss a health-related problem and visit regularly. And yet, when it comes to taking a dental checkup appointment, it always seems irrelevant and deferrable. Based on our individual needs, it is important to be aware of our own oral health as many oral disorders, if ignored for longer terms, may turn deadly and affect other organs of our body. Dentists […]

Oral Health – Causes, Symptoms, and How to Prevent Oral and Mouth Cancer?

When it comes to maintaining your oral health, many people are focused on removing cavities, bad breath, and regular brushing and flossing. However, our best dentist in Pune suggests many other habits you need to adapt to prevent oral health conditions such as oral cancers. Things you need to know about Oral Cancer Preventive dental care and keeping up with the necessary dental procedures are not just sufficient to secure your oral health. Many experts […]

Are You Aware of These 6 Oral Health Concerns in Senior Citizens?

Cavities are often associated with children, but senior citizens are equally affected by it. Tooth loss, heavy medication, and ill-fitted dentures are just a few names that affect many seniors. A good understanding of causes, treatment, and right care can help you get a better idea of how to address the situation and overall oral health. Oral Health Problems in seniors 1) Dry Mouth: Medically known as Xerostomia, dry mouth occurs in senior citizens due […]