An Implant supported fixed partial denture is nothing but a bridge , except that implants hold it up instead of teeth.

We at the clinic offer various treatment options for an implant-supported prosthesis.

Depending on the case, it can be possible to offer a conventional bridge held by the implants.

A more popular option is a fixed-detachable denture or hybrid wherein, as far as the patient is concerned, it is fixed but can also be detached by the dentist by unscrewing the prosthesis from the implants. Its construction is just like removable partial dentures. It has a cast metal framework, acrylic base, and denture teeth. in some situations where the patient needs both hard and soft tissue replacement, wants a fixed prosthesis that he/she does not have to worry about taking in and out, and has enough implants to support a fixed restoration. such a prosthesis is done with at least four well-spaced implants in the lower jaw and six in the upper jaw.

Another option that we offer at the clinic is an implant overdenture. It is a removable denture that goes over the top of implants. It is still tissue supported (just like a regular denture)but gets retention help from the implants by using abutments such as ball and sockets, bars and clips, Locators, O-rings, etc… This is a good way to go if the patient is OK with having a removable prosthesis. An implant overdenture is very easy to clean and is more hygienic as compared to the fixed prosthesis. It also requires fewer implants and is less expensive.