Few Food Items to Obviate for your good Oral Health

We fail to bother about healthy teeth till the time they cease to be healthy for reasons best known. There are some people who are more vulnerable to tooth decay than others.

To keep your teeth healthy, you can undertake below listed 2 basic steps:

  • Regular brushing of teeth.
  • Visiting a dentist every six months.

To visit a dentist regularly, you first need to zero in on the right one.  All you need to do is search on the internet by typing dentists near me and you could locate the best dental clinic in Pune or even better, you can find out the best dentist in Pune. This you can also do by asking your friends or relatives. Finding a good dentist will itself help to solve all your dental problems.

Apart from the above two steps of regular brushing and visit to a dentist, there also exist certain common snares that can be quite damaging for your teeth. Listed below are few tooth related health hazards that one may need to change in one’s dental care routine.

Avoid biting non-food items:   

Even if you possess strong, healthy and sharp teeth, your teeth are not meant for certain tasks to say, for instance, an opening of plastic packages, chewing on fingernails. Though sharp, the tip of each tooth is not only thin but also weak and chances of the same getting chipped or broken is very high when you use the same to tear non-food items.

Another hazard for teeth is ice. Though it does not contain sugar and is made up of water, it still possesses a very hard surface that is likely to harm the tooth enamel or even result in a chipped or broken tooth.

Age and dentures have a strong connection, but not all elderly persons require tooth replacement and tooth restoration. Implants offer a better alternative compared to dentures in many different ways such as durability, functioning, and comfort.


Refrain from eating sticky and Acidic Foods:

We all are aware that consuming sticky and sugary foods increases the risk of cavities, but there are also certain healthy foods that can be equally damaging. Consumption of juices and fruit smoothies is getting increasingly popular. While there is no iota of doubt that these drinks are high in their vitamin and mineral content, the acid and sugar content in these concoctions are also equally high.

Try to sip these drinks through a straw and rinse your mouth afterward with plenty of water. Also, avoid eating dried fruits and gummy vitamins as they also are very bad for your teeth. Sticky substances sticking to teeth are really bad for your teeth. The sticky substances that get deposited on the tooth break down to form acids and commence the decaying process. Hence ensure to rinse well after the consumption of sticky foods and dried fruits.


Alcohol and Caffeine Addiction:            

Soda, as we all know, is considered bad for our teeth due to the high content of sweeteners, carbonation (a content that erodes enamel) and caffeine (as it dries mouth). Dentists warn that dry mouth increases the risk of decay in teeth as our saliva acts as a rinsing agent that helps in getting rid of bacteria. Apart from coffee and tea, there are also other drinks that dry our mouth.  Though coffee and tea cannot be considered that bad, they become a problem only when consumed with excessive sugar.

Sugary additives and the drying mouth increase the risk of cavities. Regular alcohol consumption can not only damage smile but also lead to oral cancers.

Apart from the above, excessive flossing and brushing, grinding or clenching of teeth, drug abuse and poor dental hygiene are also leading causes of tooth loss and tooth decay. Do not neglect gum infections and gum disease and get them treated at the earliest as it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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