Detecting the Early Signs of Cavities and Avoiding Pain in the Future!

Dentists and dental experts have constantly stressed about the importance of maintaining oral health and hygiene for several decades. Today, with innovations and advances in technology, there are several treatments that are effective to prevent oral problems and complications. However, although it has become easier to educate patients and impart knowledge related to various dental problems, it is not easy to detect dental problems such as cavity very easily.

 Dev’s Oral Care is regarded as one of the best dental clinics in Pune due to their strong expertise and an overall understanding of the various dental treatments. Moreover, our team consists of some of the best dental surgeons in Pune who have adopted a unique yet efficient approach to treating patients suffering from dental complications.

 As mentioned above, a lot of oral problems are usually undetected which eventually lead to further complications. Hence, our team of dental experts has offered their valuable insights as to how one can deal with problems such as early cavities.

 What is a cavity?

 Before we start, it is essential to understand what a cavity is. A cavity is nothing but the loss of a part of the tooth caused by acids which weaken the overall crystalline formation and structure of a tooth.

 Early signs of decay 

 Although a cavity could lead to several problems, in the long run, it is essential to detect the early alarming signals of a decay which starts by affecting the outer layer of the tooth (enamel). The tooth can be easily restrengthened by using products that contain fluoride and make the entire structure of the tooth stronger.

 If left unattended, the decay will cause damage to the outer layer and creep into the interior of the tooth (distin) which a tooth is predominantly made of. At this point, it is difficult to control the damage externally as the decay continues to spread deep into the roots of your tooth. Eventually, the outer part of the tooth becomes weak and cannot support the tooth and breaks off. This is the point where most patients realize they probably have a cavity owing to the pain and sensitivity.

 In some cases, the decay may affect the interior of the tooth even though the outer layer is not broken but causes pain. The pain is a sign that a root canal treatment may be required as the decay may have reached the pulp.

 Regular dental visit a must

 It is important you visit your dentist every 6 months in order to avoid decays and cavities. Your dentist will thoroughly scan through your mouth to identify any signs of a cavity and treat the same at an early stage. Detecting a cavity at an early stage will ensure you do not have to suffer from excruciating pain in the future. Moreover, thanks to dental technology and treatments available today, dentists make use of minimally invasive procedures to restore the tooth.

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