Dental Implants – An Excellent Solution to Replace Single Tooth or Multiple Teeth

Imagine losing a tooth or multiple teeth and its repercussions! Losing a tooth not only affects the quality of your smile and confidence, but it also can lead to dental complications in the future. It is essential to take preventive measures to limit the damage and at the same time think of an alternative to replace the missing tooth/teeth. Over the last decade, dental implants have certainly become a popular choice to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth.

One of the main benefits of dental implants is that they offer the same look and feel of a natural tooth and also one of the best restoration procedures. It offers an excellent foundation for the crown of the artificial teeth that have replaced the missing tooth. For the best and the most advanced dental implants in Pune, Dev’s Oral Care has established a strong reputation in the last few years. The dental clinic in Pune is known for the quality of the treatments, our approach towards dentistry, and most importantly our efforts to ensure our patients feel relaxed and at ease.

Today, we will talk about dental implants and why it as an excellent way to replace single or multiple teeth.

Dental implant for a single tooth

If a person is missing a single tooth, they can opt for a dental implant to replace it. There are multiple factors that need to be taken into account before going ahead with the process including, the alignment of the jawbone, the jawbone health, and also the time required for healing. Patients are also advised to not smoke before the surgery to ensure optimum results. The implant is carefully inserted to restore the missing tooth and is required to bond with the bone to be stable. After the implant successfully bonds with the bone, gradually, the stability and the bite is restored enhancing the chewing efficiency.

Dental implants for multiple teeth

Dental implants can also be used to replace multiple teeth. One of the main reasons why dental implants have now become a feasible alternative is that it has now made it easier to handle the pressure created while biting. Moreover, dental implants are also effective in supporting dentures and bridges. The positioning of the implant plays a major role in distributing the bite load, offering enough support, and most importantly restoring the biting functionalities. Implants also enhance your smile which makes you more confident while smiling.

Benefits of dental implants

There are several notable benefits of dental implants including:

1. Offers the look and feel of a natural teeth
2. Makes it easier to bite
3. Enhances your smile greatly
4. A long-term solution for missing tooth/teeth
5. Several other dental benefits

Dev’s Oral Care is one of the best dental clinics in Pune for dental implants. Our team of some of the best dental surgeons in Pune also offer a wide range of dental treatments including, teeth whitening, root canal, gum treatment, wisdom tooth removal, cosmetic dentistry and more. Book an appointment

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