Dental Implant vs. Dental Bridge

Having a replacement for an extracted or missing tooth is not only essential to maintain aesthetic appearance, but also crucial to avoid further tooth infection. But with technologies involving dentistry having reached new peaks in last few decades, patients do tend to get confused to choose the right technique for tooth replacement – dental implant or bridge. As a renowned dental surgeon in Camp Pune, it is imperative on our part to assure that both these procedures are quite safe and have been widely deployed based on the unique needs of every patient. So, what are those criterions that weigh each other?

Need of surgery:

Bridges are straight forward procedures and do not involve any sort of surgical procedures except for minor grinding of adjacent teeth to facilitate the anchoring of bridge. On the other hand, dental implant is a surgical procedure, but does not involve alteration to the existing neighborhood healthy teeth. Being a practicing dental implantologist in MG Road Pune, we would like to emphasize that the pain associated with implant surgery is never felt, as it is carried out under sedation.

Treatment time:

Being a simple procedure, bridges can be easily constructed in two sessions and does not take much of time. Implants usually involve three stages of procedures and can span anywhere between six to nine months. But that being said, we at Dev’s Oral Care also offer immediate implants that drastically cuts down the treatment period.


The average life of a dental bridge is around ten years and the underlying tooth structure may be susceptible to decay or gum disease, and whereas the durability of dental implants is beyond match. As the implant fuses with jaw bones, it becomes a part of teeth and offer very close to nil probability of tooth decay and periodontal diseases.


Naturally, bridges are quite economical when compared to dental implants as they do not demand surgical procedures. But in the long run, considering the need of couple of replacements of bridges and associated dental issues, dental implants are cost effective solutions.

Oral care routine:

Although it is always beneficial to follow good oral practices to preserve any tooth – be it natural or replacement, bridges demand extra layer of hygiene practices to maintain good oral health.

Dental conditions:

Leaving apart the cost and other aspects, dentists always make the final call based on dental conditions of adjacent teeth and underlying bone condition.

  • If the adjacent teeth have large fillings and need caps or crowns in the near future, it makes sense to go for bridges, as all the problems can be attended in a single go.
  • On several occasions, patients with missing teeth seek the intervention of dentist after an elapsed time. But unfortunately the gum lines and bones would have receded by then and made dental implants a difficult option if not for bone grafting procedure.


Perhaps it is a tough call and it all depends on your aspiration about how natural your replacement teeth should look to be. As dental implants render better look than bridges, Prosthodontist at our dental implant clinic in Pune may recommend for implants, if aesthetics is a major concern for you.  

So, what is your call bridges or dental implants? After consulting with our dentist in Camp Pune, you can always gain more knowledge on these procedures and make an informed decision for treating your missing teeth.

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