Braces : Understanding Your Options

The health benefits associated with braces are huge and the modern day orthodontics render plethora of options to choose from. As more number of adults is opting for braces to straighten their teeth, aesthetic versions of braces are also rapidly gaining popularity. Remember, straight teeth and properly aligned jaws are not just for aesthetic purposes but also a necessity to render proper functionality and to maintain good oral hygiene. Hence to assist you to make an informed decision, our orthodontist in Pune lists out various options that are available for you.

  • Traditional fixed braces: The moment we speak about traditional braces, we all remember the ‘metal train track’ glued onto the surface of teeth. With huge advances in technology, superior brackets and arch wires have come into play that allows the teeth to realign with minimal discomfort. This is the most economical way to realign your severely crowded teeth and hence it still remains popular.  
  • Removable braces: If your teeth are not much crowded, perhaps removal braces consisting of plastic plates along with springs and wire clips can also be used, advices an orthodontist associated with the best dental clinic in Pune.
  • Damon braces: How would you feel that if the treatment is gentler, requires less visit to dental clinic, easier to clean and the self adjusting slide mechanism to attach the arch wires? No wonder, Damon braces, which incorporates all these features are rapidly gaining popularity among patients.

New techniques:

There can’t be a second thought on the fact that fixed metallic braces, be it for traditional or Damon type, compromise the aesthetic smile during the period of treatment. So, it is not surprising to witness aesthetics conscious patients moving towards other techniques that camouflages those braces.

  • Ceramic braces: Would it not be nice to have braces that blend easily with your teeth color and makes them virtually unnoticeable? Precisely that is what ceramic or clear braces offer. But it is worthwhile to note that the ties can get discolored over the period of time if you drink staining beverages such as tea or coffee. Also orthodontist at our Dental clinic in MG road Camp, Pune, always instructs for good maintenance practices if not for which ceramic braces can chip or break easily.
  • Lingual braces: Lingual braces are bonded to the rear surface of teeth and hence it virtually remains out of sight. But they cost more than the traditional ones and require high expertise of an orthodontist. Although this is a good option for adults, it may not work for kids who have small teeth. Moreover, as these braces may intrude with the free movement of tongue, it can cause minor speech problems during the initial days.
  • Invisalign: Here comes Invisalign braces, which is perhaps the best one for patients who would like to meet both their demands – invisible but also highly effective. These are specially formed clear plastic forms that slots over the teeth and cover them. Except while eating, patients need not remove these custom made aligners and they are absolutely comfortable to wear. As your teeth gradually align, these aligners are replaced for every fortnight and thereby offer a quicker way of treatment.

As mentioned above, there are many orthodontic techniques to straighten your teeth and restore the spectacular smile you have yearning for. If you are looking for the best clinic for dental braces in Pune, you can always schedule an appointment with our dentist for a comprehensive solution.


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