Devs oral care blog 08 july 2019

Dental braces are recommended to correct the alignment of your teeth or enhance your orofacial appearance. Dental braces play a significant role in fixing dental problems such as crowded or crooked teeth, underbites, overbites, wrong jaw position etc.

Your dental expert will suggest if braces are required after examining your teeth. Further, once your orthodontist or oral expert determines that you need braces, it is essential to know how to clean it to avoid dental problems. When you have braces, food particles start accumulating near the bracket and the wires which could lead to detrimental issues including, bad breath, gum diseases, and tooth decay.

At Dev’s Oral Care, one of the most reputed Orthodontic Treatment in Pune, we offer some of the most advanced dental treatments to our patients at affordable rates. Our experts have listed down a few points to help individuals to keep their braces clean and maintain optimum oral hygiene with them.

1. Brush regularly

The most effective ways to keep your braces clean is by brushing your teeth after every meal. However, due to constraints in your schedule or routine, it may not be possible to keep a toothbrush on-hand at all times. During such situations, rinse your mouth after a meal to get rid of unwanted food particles and staining elements from the braces.

2. Brushing with Braces

Toothbrushes with soft bristles are highly effective while brushing your teeth with braces. Further, it is very crucial to clean food particles that are likely to get stuck to the wires, brackets, braces, gums, and teeth. Ideally, you should aim to brush four times a day or after every meal you eat. Further, rinsing with a fluoride mouth wash is also recommended.

3. Flossing

Although flossing with braces could prove a bit difficult, it is vital for your dental health. Flossing ensures that small food particles stuck between your teeth are removed, preventing tooth or gum decay. Your dental expert is likely to recommend a special floss if you have braces to simplify the process of flossing with braces on.

4. Stay prepared

If you are travelling, pack all your dental cleaning essentials in a small pouch or a bag. Some of the essentials you should pack include, floss, toothpaste, soft bristle toothbrush, mouthwash, and if required a small mirror for your convenience.

5. Food

If you have braces, it does not necessarily mean that you will have to change your diet. However, there are a few food items and beverages that could pose a threat to your enamel and enhance the chances of getting decay. Food items that are acidic such as oranges, aerated drinks, etc. are likely to cause damage to the enamel. Thus, it is vital to limit its consumption. Further, sticky and hard foods, including gum, candy, hard pieces of bread, etc. should be avoided as it is challenging to clean them off from the braces.

At Dev’s Oral Care, apart from offering the most advanced dental and orthodontic treatments, our team of experts provides their guidance and expertise to ensure patients understand the different aspects of oral health and hygiene. We are one of the most established dental clinics in Pune with a state-of-the-art dental clinic and a highly efficient and committed team of dental experts. If you are looking for a dentist in Pune for your dental problems, schedule an appointment at Dev’s Oral Care today!