3 Super Foods To Prevent Gum Disease

Gums and teeth are an essential when it comes to chewing food. After all, food is the only thing that can nourish and replenish your body. Therefore it is highly essential that you brush, rinse and floss your teeth and gums regularly. In this article we are going to tell you in brief about the beneficial foods that can help you prevent gum disease in the long run. For better gum disease treatment in Pune, you can visit our main website for further details and contact.


Yoghurt is great for your gums, teeth and overall weight loss. It can be consumed in its sugar free and plan version. Greek yoghurt is the best choice to go by if you like eating enough. Yoghurt contains a healthy source of calcium and protein. It will also help you lose weight considering the fact that most fat free yoghurts contain no sugar. The best way to eat yoghurt is to have it as a snack with some additional fruits or maybe a smoothie which can protect your teeth and gums at the same time.


Another food item you can add to your diet for better gum and teeth health are oranges. They are full of vitamin C and great for the health as well. Orange juice can also help you get rid of harmful bacteria in your mouth and prevents gum diseases in the long run. Oranges can be eaten for breakfast, as a healthy snack during evenings and during any other time of the day when you feel hungry and don’t want to eat something too heavy. Even dental Clinics in Pune would recommend you to eat more oranges.

Bone broth

If you really want to strengthen your teeth and gums, then try some healthy bone broth. It is definitely a super food, is rich in calcium and contains minerals as well as collagen that can fortify your teeth, bones and nails in the long run. The beat and bones can be boiled in water for around 45 minutes until the juices are out. Bone broth is made best at home with all herbs and flavours for some nutrition. Most orthodontists in Pune have recommended to have more bone broth to prevent gum diseases.

Other food options

There are several other food options you can try such as milk, green tea, seeds and nuts and onions. Even other foods that are rich in fibre such as celery, apples, leafy greens etc can be added to your diet to improve gum health.

With that, we bring our post to an end. If you would like to get in touch with us soon to treat gum diseases or book an appointment with our orthodontists, do send an email or call us in the number given below. We would love to help you. Our staff is always present to listen to your queries and get back in touch as soon as possible! Till then, kindly be patient.

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