Tooth Extraction
in Pune

Tooth extraction in pune
Tooth extraction in pune

In extreme cases of gum disease or tooth decay, it may be required for the tooth to be extracted altogether. A dental surgeon can remove your tooth by administering a local anesthetic, which will numb the extraction site. If multiple teeth need to be removed, a general anesthetic may be administered, which will make you sleep through the whole process. Thus tooth extraction can also be painless for you. You will require stitches after the tooth extraction. The missing tooth can be replaced by a crown, bridge, implant or a denture. Wisdom teeth can also be removed by this procedure.

Tooth extraction, a dental procedure in which the tooth is removed from the bone socket, usually creates traumatized situation among dental patients. They often grip themselves in anxiety cycles on being recommended for tooth extraction. As a renowned dentist in Camp Pune, it can be categorically said that dentists always reserve the option of extraction as a last resort and always focus their efforts on saving the natural teeth.

Why tooth extraction?

Thanks to huge advances in technology and dental medical science, the necessity of tooth extraction has virtually become minimal. But still, tooth extraction becomes inevitable for several patients and the reasons behind it can be anything as listed below:

  • Too much decay in the tooth beyond the capacity of root canal treatment
  • To pave way for eruption of adjacent tooth
  • To facilitate the arrival of permanent teeth
  • To create room for teeth that are being aligned through braces
  • Removal of teeth that have got infected due to cancer treatment
  • Wisdom or third molar teeth that are crooked, decayed, or have developed a cyst.

Preparatory work

Although tooth extraction is a simple procedure, it needs good amount of preparatory work to minimize risks associated with it.

  • Based on your medical condition, x-ray reports of teeth and present medication that includes the prescription of vitamins and supplements, your dentist would plan the best way to go about the extraction process.
  • Remember, if the extraction involves wisdom tooth, a panoramic x-ray is required to know the complete impact.
  • Also a dose of antibiotics may be prescribed even before the procedure to avoid infection during surgery or to address specific medical conditions.


Having performed several tooth extraction, we usually decide the type of sedation based only on the anxiety level of patients and the complexity of the procedure. It can be anything from conscious sedation to general anesthesia and it is always advisable for the patient to be accompanied by an adult.

Generally, two types of extractions are performed:

  • Simple extraction: This is performed by general dentists on those teeth that are easily visible. In this process, the tooth is loosened with a special instrument called elevator and removed subsequently with a forceps.

  • Surgical extraction: When the tooth is broken at gum line elevation or have not erupted at all, extraction of those teeth requires special skill sets. Usually performed by dental surgeons, surgical extractions are carried out by making incisions on gum lines. On few complex situations, it may even become necessary to remove part of the underlying bone to facilitate tooth extraction.

Post procedure care

  • Persistent bleeding after the procedure is not uncommon and hence patients need not panic. It is usually arrested by biting a thick gauze pad or paper towel on the extraction site. Remember the external pressure should be applied atleast for one hour and if bleeding still persists, the assistance of your dentist may be sought.
  • After the effect of sedation wears off, it is natural to feel minor pain which is usually relieved with medications.
  • Generally, it is better to avoid any sort of strenuous activity atleast for couple of hours after the extraction procedure.

If you are looking out for the best facilities to avail Tooth extraction in Pune, you can always contact us. With rich expertise and latest technologies, we at Dev’s Oral Care offer the best to render highly effective dental solutions.

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Dr. Kamal Kiswani

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Dr. Kamal Kiswani is a well-known name in the dentistry domain and the best dentist in Pune. He is a BDS Msc in Oral Implantology from Germany and has a Fellow ICOI (Board Certified Diplomate, USA). Since 2001, he has focused particularly on implant and restorative dentistry in his general dental practice. His area of expertise is implantology and cosmetic dentistry.

His specialities are Dental Implants, 3D Guided Implant Surgery, Digital Smile Design, Porcelain Veneers, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Bridges and Crowns, All-on-6 Implants, All-on-4 Implants, Aesthetic Gum Correction, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, Dental Restorations, Digital Dentistry, Geriatric Dentistry, and Complete Dentures.

He does basic and complicated implantology treatments, such as bone augmentation, ridge splitting, and even sinus augmentation. He has rich 16 years of experience making him an eminent implantologist in Pune.

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