How Smoking Affects Your Oral Health?

Today almost everyone is aware of ill effects of smoking on overall health. Apart from being a major cause of lung cancer it also causes heart attacks, strokes, shortens life span, causes premature births and birth defects in babies of smoking mothers and as it is done using the mouth it also ruins your oral health. It badly affects the gums, teeth, jawbone, mouth tissues and in severe cases even leads to mouth cancer.

A smile is mostly the first thing noticed by people you are introduced to, smoking spoils it by giving you discolored and stained tooth and bad breath. Given below are the effects of smoking on your oral health.

1.Tooth damage- Tobacco contains tar and nicotine which causes yellowing and staining of teeth in a very short time. Prolong smoking leads to almost brown teeth. Teeth whitening can help in removing the stains but why spend money on such procedures when you can get a permanent solution by quitting smoking forever. Smoking also increases dental plaque which causes tooth decay and dental tartar.

2. Gums Damage- Smoking causes low oxygen in the blood stream and weakens the immune system hence, the body is not able to fight the bacteria and other diseases. So, the smokers are more prone to bacterial plaque and gum diseases. Gum disease even leads to tooth loss. It hinders the functioning of cells of gum tissues. These are the reasons smokers get more periodontal diseases. As per the dentist in Pune, even the symptoms of the severity of gum diseases are not very apparent in smokers so it is important for them to have regular dental checkups to know the real condition.

3. Bad Breath and diminishing sense of taste- People who smoke are more prone to halitosis or bad breath apart from a dry mouth. The nicotine and tar settle in the oral cavity leading to a condition known as “smoker’s breath”. Smoking leads to gum diseases which also causes bad breath. Breath fresheners give temporary solutions to the bad breath but are not a permanent cure. Smoking also impairs your sense of taste-making food less palatable.

4. Poor healing process- People who smoke are more likely to have more pain and poor healing after Tooth extraction and oral or gum surgery. Their success rate of dental implants is also very low. They have low resistance power to infections.

5. Leads to oral cancer- Smoking can be a reason of cancer in many organs. Apart from throat and lung cancer smoking is one of the major causes of oral cancer in people. About 90% of the oral cancer patients have been found to be smokers. Even after the treatment if the patient continues smoking it can lead to second cancers. Symptoms of oral cancer are White or red patches in the mouth, mouth ulcers which are persistent, swelling in the mouth and if your dentures are not fitting properly in your mouth. You should see your dentist if you notice any of these symptoms.

The best solution to all these problems is to quit smoking. Even excellent hygiene will not help you from developing oral problems if you are a smoker. Visit your dentist regularly for oral checkups and to get yourself examined for oral cancer.

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