Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Pune

Root canal treatment or RCT is a procedure of endodontic dentistry that is offered to provide relief from the infection that has spread to the pulp tissues located in the middle of the tooth. During the treatment process, the diseased or damaged tooth pulp along with the infected tissues is removed by our dentists to retard the spread of infection and thereby limit its chance of recurring in the future.

In earlier days, extraction was widely suggested for a deeply penetrated tooth infection caused by tooth decay or injury. But with the advent of development in dental science and technologies, we extensively practice root canal treatment in Pune at our clinic to save natural teeth. When a patient visits our dental clinic in Pune, with the following symptoms, we immediately opt for periapical x-ray to analyze the problem in detail and confirm the diagnosis:

  • Intense tooth pain on chewing
  • Heavy discoloration in teeth
  • Swelling of gums in the region of pain
  • Sustained pain or sensitivity to temperature, even after their complete intake.

Am I a candidate?

As our dentists always strive to have extraction only as the last resort, we put our best of efforts to save the natural teeth. Hence we recommend our patients who have good bone support to undergo root canal treatment even if much of the pulp is damaged and has caused major destruction to the tooth.

How RTC is performed?

Having been reputed as the best dental surgeon in Pune, we always strive to achieve excellent results through best of technology and systematic conduct of the procedures.

  • Confirmatory diagnosis through periapical x-ray and other clinical examinations
  • Numbing of the area with the help of local anesthesia
  • Opening of root canal
  • Removal of diseased and infected pulp tissues
  • Cleaning of root canals and their shaping
  • Filling and sealing of canals with gutta-percha, a rubbery material
  • Placement of crown at a later stage on the treated tooth.

Post care procedures:

We always advice our patients about the importance of post care procedures and necessity of meticulous adherence to our instructions so as to achieve quick relief from the pain and other side effects. After the effect of anesthesia wears down, it is quite normal to experience mild pain and sore gum for few days. Warm salt water rinses along with pain killers prescribed by us should alleviate the pain. Also, during the follow up visit, we would place the apt natural tooth colored crown upon the treated tooth to render an aesthetic appearance.

RCT at Dev’s Oral Care:

As a part of an endeavor to offer painless and superior treatment, we place comfort and need based treatments for our patients as the most priority agenda.

  • A root canal treatment is usually completed within an hour and if necessary, multiple sessions are conducted in a single sitting.
  • The expertise of our Endodontists is put into the best of use to render pain free treatment.
  • Root canal treatments at our clinic are performed using rubber dam techniques.

If you have a tooth infection with or without pain, do contact us at the immediate possible opportunity, so that apt treatment can be provided to you by our expert doctors at the right time.