Five Comman Teeth Problems you will find in your Child

While children’s teeth form as early as before birth, they are just primary teeth. The permanent teeth begin appearing around the age of six which continues until the age of 21. But renowned pediatric dentists in Pune advise taking special care of the primary teeth as well. Problems like cavities can affect the development of permanent teeth. Primary teeth are important in proper chewing, providing space for the permanent teeth, guiding them into a correct position and assisting in the normal development of jaw bones. Therefore, it is very important to take care of the primary teeth. Below are few of the common teeth problems that children have:

1. Cavities: Since they are in the growing stage, children’s enamel and teeth are very sensitive. They are susceptible to damage if not proper care is not taken. Foods that are high in sugar content can attack your child’s enamel and cause decay. If it is left unchecked, it can turn into cavities. Therefore it is advised to brush and floss your child’s teeth daily and not let me suck/sip on sugary food/drinks for too long. This reduces the amount of time during which teeth are exposed to decay-causing bacteria.

2. Gum Diseases: Gums are the shield that protects bones, keeping your teeth in place. It is important to keep our gums healthy to have a healthy oral hygiene. Gum diseases like Gingivitis are caused by plaque accumulation. If plaque is not kept under control, your children’s gums can become swollen and start to bleed. To prevent this, you should ensure your kids do brushing and flossing daily.

3. Thumb Sucking: One of the most common habits among children, thumb sucking can seem harmless but if it continues perpetually, it can put pressure on your child’s teeth. This can push the permanent teeth forward that might need re-alignment with the help of braces later in life. Usually, children stop this habit when they reach the preschool years, but if your child is continuing with it, you might need to intervene. Use tactics like giving rewards or replace this habit with something else that will help your child to give up the habit.

4. Early Tooth Loss: When your child loses a baby tooth before the permanent teeth are ready to move in it is called Early Tooth Loss. It is caused due to tooth decay or an injury. As nutrition plays a vital role in ensuring the teeth are healthy, it is advised that you give healthy and non-sugary food to your children to avoid tooth decay.

5. Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: Also called Nursing Bottle Syndrome, this is a condition where a child’s teeth decay as a result of coming in frequent contact with sugary drinks like juices, milk, formulas etc. Human breast milk can also cause tooth decay as well. To avoid this condition, don’t allow your baby to nurse continuously throughout the night while sleeping. Instead, give them a pacifier or bottle filled with plain water. Avoid using sugar in your child’s meal and wipe the teeth and gums with a wet cloth to remove any bacteria-forming plaque and excess sugar that might have built up on their teeth and gums.

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