Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening: What Works and What Doesn’t?

At present, with the advent of technology and advances made in R&D, there are several different ways to whiten your teeth. In addition, over the years, the teeth whitening procedure has become more affordable and less harmful. However, in the current scenario, there are several myths surrounding teeth whitening on the internet. Moreover, toothpaste commercials portray teeth whitening in a different light often leaving consumers delusional.

As there are different methods that can be used to whiten your teeth, you often wonder which method is the best for you and the most effective. Are the benefits of teeth whitening long lasting? Will it damage the enamel? Can I whiten my teeth at home or opt for professional treatment? There are some of the questions that often leave you clueless. Worry not! We at Dev’s Oral Care are here to answer all your questions and offer guidance regarding teeth whitening. ‘

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There are two main methods that are predominantly used to whiten your teeth.

1. By using products with bleaching ingredients

2. Abrasive methods to eliminate superficial stains on the enamel

Out of the two aforementioned methods, the first method is by far the most effective and long-lasting way to whiten your teeth, Moreover, it is less damaging than opting for abrasive methods. Abrasive techniques damage the enamel and irritate the gums.

Let’s discuss the different ways to whiten your teeth and how effective they are.

1. Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste is one of the most popular teeth whitening product as it is easily available and affordable. Whitening toothpaste is available at any medical store, departmental store, and other retail outlets. However, whitening toothpaste is not very effective as the amount of time the teeth are exposed to the bleaching agent is not sufficient. Moreover, whitening toothpaste has a very low concentration of the teeth whitening agent and last on the teeth for a very short amount of time. Hence, whitening toothpaste is not really effective.

Conclusion – Not very effective

2. Whitening strips

Whitening strips are bleaching products. Typically, bleaching products are made of chemicals such as carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. However, these bleaching products induce negative effects such as tooth sensitivity as they penetrate through the enamel to whiten the teeth. In addition, when whitening strips make the gums sore when in contact. Owing to the side effects of whitening strips, custom whitening trays are growing in popularity. Whitening strips are more effective than whitening toothpaste but one needs to be aware of its side effects.

Conclusion – Better than whitening toothpaste but come with side effects.

3. Custom trays or molds

The custom teeth whitening trays are deemed to be one of the safest and effective ways to whiten your teeth. Dental experts across the globe have also voiced their opinion regarding customized teeth whitening trays. The custom molds are prepared after an impression of your teeth is taken and then sent for processing. The custom trays come along with teeth whitening gels as a part of an exclusive teeth whitening kit.

Conclusion – Time consuming but most effective and safe

4. Hydrogen peroxide

Today, many individuals turn to mouthwashes that have hydrogen peroxide to whiten their teeth. However, many dentists believe the contact of hydrogen peroxide with tissues near the teeth could lead to radical reactions. Hence, hydrogen peroxide is not entirely safe and rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide is not recommended.

Conclusion – Not safe to practice on a regular basis

5. Natural teeth whitening remedies

Although there are several home remedies that are available on the internet, one needs to be aware of the pros and cons of the same. Several home remedies to whiten teeth include the use of hydrogen peroxide and lime juice. However, hydrogen peroxide is likely to disturb the ratio of bad and good bacteria in the mouth. Moreover, acidic fruits such as lemons and strawberries gradually start affecting the enamel and could cause permanent damage.

Conclusion – Could inflict permanent damage to the teeth

Today, although there are several ways to whiten your teeth, it is important to understand which method is best suited for you. We at Dev’s Oral Care are here to offer guidance and help you understand the pros and cons of various teeth whitening techniques. We offer the most effective and safest teeth whitening treatments as we understand our client’s requirements. Our team of highly experienced dental professionals strives hard to help you treat various dental problems.

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