Benefits of Root Canal and its Role as a Tooth-Saving Therapy

A root canal is one of the dreaded dental treatments with a bad reputation, it makes people apprehensive. Root canal means cleaning the canals inside the roots of the tooth. Root canal also referred as endodontic therapy. It is a treatment in which the dentist removes the nerve chamber or pulp of the tooth which is infected by bacteria. This procedure involves four steps x-ray, anesthesia, pulpectomy, and filling. Some conditions that call for root canal are tooth chipping, severe tooth decay, and tooth trauma.

Contrary to the negative image root canal actually helps in giving comfort and improving oral health. It actually protects and cleans the tooth. As per dentists giving root canal treatment in Pune, awareness about tooth canal is increasing day by day. Here are some facts about root canal which will clear the picture about this tooth-saving therapy.

1. Simple procedure

Most people fear it because they think it is a very difficult, complex and invasive procedure. On the contrary, it is as simple as having a tooth filling.

2. Quick procedure

It hardly is done with one or two appointments. The time and appointments also depend on the condition of the patient’s tooth.

3. Painless procedure

Anesthesia is given to the patients before the procedure to avoid any pain and discomfort. Your dentist will also prescribe medications to combat discomfort, pain, and swelling after the procedure.

4. Eliminates tooth ache

Infection in the pulp leads to swelling and pain. This pain ranges from a mild to a very severe toothache. A root canal removes the infected parts and hence helps in eliminating the constant painful sensations permanently. It helps you in getting rid of all those pain relievers and ice packs.

5. Saves tooth

It prevents tooth removal and abscess formation in the infected tooth. Hence saves you from dealing with missing teeth and gaps due to tooth loss. A root canal is a better option to treat decayed, fractured or infected tooth than extracting the tooth altogether.

6. Restores function

A root canal helps you in restoring the normal functions like chewing, biting and speaking by removing the infected area causing pain.

7. Improves appearance

All the ugly cracks are sealed with a bonding material which is tooth color and durability and gives a natural appearance. A customized crown is placed over the tooth which is treated to cover, fortify and beautify it. This not only improves the appearance but also let the tooth function like natural ones.

8. Improves overall health

An infected tooth can affect both oral as well as general health badly. Bacteria from the infected tooth could not only penetrate the surrounding gums and teeth but the whole system. Root canal not only helps in beautifying your smile but with maintaining your teeth’s overall well-being.

A root canal is the best method that helps in restoring your natural teeth. If you have an infected tooth you should not put off your visit with your dentist. This successful and simple procedure will restore and enhance your oral health. Proper care of teeth and gums should be taken after the root canal.

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