The 7 best foods that ensure dental and oral health for you

Teeth are vital for good living and there is no substitute for them as regards the chewing function is concerned. Therefore, everyone should take proper care of teeth and ensure the health of them. However, keeping teeth healthy for life could be difficult because of multitudes of reasons. Eating habits play a significant role in determining the oral and dental health of any person. Apart from this, hereditary reasons are also responsible for early tooth decay and fall for some individuals. While hereditary characteristics cannot be overcome, dental health can still be increased through the intake of healthy foods. A ‘dentist in camp’ program in Pune saw heavy participation by people who came to get important information on healthy foods for teeth. Here is a list of 7 such foods that optimize dental and oral health for you. Have a look –
  1. Cheese
Cheese offers multiple benefits towards dental and oral health. Cheese is known to reduce the pH levels in the mouth thus neutralizing the acids there. The rate of teeth decay is much reduced because of the elimination of acids in the inter-teeth spaces. Additionally, by chewing the cheese, more saliva is formed in the mouth and this helps to flush down the bacteria that can multiply if left there for long and ultimately cause decay. Cheese is also very rich in calcium and milk protein and both the nutrients help to make teeth and enamel stronger. Hence cheese is considered one of the best health foods for teeth!
  1. Yoghurt
Yoghurt is much similar to cheese if we consider the make of it. Yoghurt is also rich in calcium and milk proteins which help towards ensuring the health of teeth. The inner strength of teeth is thus enhanced through regular intake of yoghurt in diets. An additional benefit of yoghurt rich diet is that it is a probiotic food. The beneficial bacteria present in abundance in yoghurt clear the harmful bacteria in the mouth cavity thus drastically reducing the chance and rate of tooth decay. At a ‘dentist in camp’ program in Pune, experts recommended a daily intake of yoghurt in limited quantity to ensure dental and oral health.
  1. Leafy green vegetables
Green leafy vegetables like spinach and kale are rich in multiple types of vitamins and nutrients, especially calcium among others that help to develop strong teeth in children and maintain them as healthy in elder persons. By including green leafy vegetables in diets, folic acid (an essential B vitamin) is also optimized. Folic acid has been found to treat gum disease and ensure gum health.
  1. Apple
Apple is rich in fibers that help scrub the mouth and teeth. Eating apple also increases saliva in the mouth which flushes down the bacteria.
  1. Carrots
Carrots can be included in salads or can be taken at the end of the meal. The crunchy carrots are best for offering gentle natural massage to the gums and teeth. The bacteria are also removed due to extra saliva in the mouth.
  1. Celery
Celery is rich in vitamin C and A which help in teeth and gum strengthening. Additionally, celery also performs the task of tooth brush, said experts at the dentist in the camp program in Pune.
  1. Almonds
Almonds are rich in protein and calcium and ensure dental and oral health. You can add them to salads or take them as is.
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