6 Common Misconceptions related to Teeth Whitening

A smile is the first thing we notice when we meet people hence everyone wants to perfect their smile by having pearly white teeth. So, teeth whitening or dental whitening is the most sought after and popular dentistry treatment. The perfect white smile gives you a lot of self-confidence but still many people fear it because of the myth surrounding the process of teeth whitening. Given below are some common myths related to teeth whitening, given by the expert of teeth whitening treatment in Pune :

   1. Dental whitening has many side effects

Though after whitening procedures there might be a little gum irritation, enamel erosion, and sensitivity; they are temporary and can be avoided by consulting your dentist before taking the treatment. They can help you in choosing the right treatment that will suit you best. As per researchers whitening gels used by professionals are safe when properly used. Teeth whitening procedure does not aggravate your sensitivity unless your tooth enamel is already damaged. Dentists recommend using desensitizing gels after the procedures.

   2. All whitening products are similar

All teeth whitening products are not same they vary from whitening toothpaste, kits, trays, strips etc. A dentist should be consulted first before investing in any of it. There are many differences between products that are used by professionals versus those that are sold over the counter. Different products use the different time to give the desired results.

   3. Whitening procedures will give same evenly white teeth to everyone

As teeth differ in color, shapes, and sizes so they react differently to the treatment even dental appliances like dentures, fillings, and crowns may affect the result. As lifestyle and eating habits lead to discoloration and staining of teeth which causes varied whitening results as well.

   4. Teeth whitening results are permanent

The whitening result does not last forever it might last from six months to few years with proper care. Your dentist might recommend a regimen which can help you in making the result last longer but still, it will not remain forever. Intake of tobacco, coffee, tea, wine and other eatables also leads to early staining which might require a reapplication of whitening procedure.

    5. Whitening procedure can be done at any age

Whitening children’s teeth can be damaging especially when the pulp which is there in the tooth has not fully matured. It can sensitize and irritate the gum line.

     6. A treated root canal cannot be whitened

A treated root canal which has discolored can be whitened as well. It just needs several treatments including the application of bleach internally.

Following are some other myths related to teeth whitening :

  • Health status does not matter

Health status does matter for undergoing dental whitening procedures. It is not recommended to nursing and pregnant ladies, patients whose pulp chambers are large, people with dental defects or wrong fillings and people with injured or damaged teeth.

  • Surgical whitening is better than home whitening

There may be slight differences in the results of both the procedures but not many significant differences have been found between the two.

  • Whitens the porcelain filling and crown

Whitening products whiten natural teeth only and do not give any whitening results on crowns or porcelain fillings.

  • Teeth whitening causes cancer

Just because the procedure requires the use of chemicals people started believing that it may cause cancer which is not true at all.

Instead of relying on the myths a professional dentist should be consulted to help you get your pearly whites back.

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