6 Common Brushing Mistakes Which You Should Not Make

Brushing our teeth is one of the basic step followed to maintain our oral health. As easy as we take the process of brushing our teeth it’s actually not that easy, most of us are actually not doing it as required. Even with twice a day brushing regime we might actually be damaging our gum line and tooth enamel instead of protecting it. Dentist in Pune says people commit brushing mistakes without even knowing it and in the end damage their teeth. Mentioned below are some common brushing mistakes people do.

1. Using the wrong toothbrush

Choosing between electric and manual is an individual preference but electric toothbrushes are proven in removing plaque more effectively. What is important in choosing the right brush is the size- small and medium size tooth brushes are more recommended with comfortable handles. Even bristles should be soft as stiff bristles can give you red and swollen gums. They should be sturdy but not hard enough to damage teeth.

2. Harder isn’t always better

People think that only hard scrubbing can remove the plaque and make their teeth clean but the keyword to healthy and clean teeth is ‘massage’. Plaque is loose and soft and does not require hard scrubbing.

3. Not brushing enough

Not brushing enough times as well as not brushing long enough both are common mistakes people commit. Brushing at least twice a day and especially at night is recommended. With a frequent intake of sugary drinks and food comes the need of more frequent brushing. Minimum two minutes brushing is required to actually remove plaque.

4. Improper way of brushing

The movement should be up and down and not back and forth. Bristles should be moved in small and circular movements against gum line at 45-degree angle. This should be repeated on all tooth surfaces several times. The same method should be used for the biting surfaces and inside surfaces of all the teeth. For front teeth small, circular motions should be used with a vertically tilted brush.

5. Not changing the brush frequent enough

Brush should be changed after three to four months. It is sometimes hard to let go of a good toothbrush but when the bristles become frayed, bent, dirty and discolored it’s time for a change. Also, the brush should not be shared with others and should be kept in the open air to prevent bacteria and mold from growing over it.

6. Usage of harsh or too much toothpaste

With so many advertisements of toothpaste boasting all those whitening and brightening effects people forget that they might contain harsh chemicals and may harm their teeth. Using too much toothpaste leads to a better cleaning is again a misconception. I only give you a mouth which is full of foam. This leads to you rushing the process and not brushing long enough.

Apart from brushing; flossing and rinsing should also be religiously followed for perfect oral health.

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